How Switching to Filtered Drinking Water Can Make You More Productive

Water is a vital component of life. The human adult body contains 60% water and it needs water, more than anything else, to survive.

So it’s incredibly important to stay hydrated throughout the day.

Dehydration can occur in the work environment and impact cognitive processes, causing loss of focus, and impair productivity. People working outdoors in the sun are the most susceptible to dehydration, but even office workers are not immune to the effects of suboptimal water intake.

It goes without saying that any form of exercise requires optimal hydration, whether it is at a gym or simply outdoors. That being said there are a number of things one can do to boost productivity with hydration.

Better taste, greater hydration

Dehydration can lead to brain swelling with effects like headaches, lack of concentration, poor sleep and tiredness. One way to encourage people to drink more is to improve water quality with a water filter, which comes in many forms like pitchers.

Finding the best water filter pitcher from the many varieties available is quite easy and will help clean your tap water. Improving water quality with filtered water will make people drink more and stay hydrated, contributing to productivity increase. A water filter can and does eliminate unpleasant odors and taste from regular tap water, rendering it fresh and clean perfect for drinking.

Caffeine intake

High quality filtered water will produce higher quality coffee. It helps the coffee to bring out its antioxidant properties. Coffee has been an advocate of productivity for a long time and it can help keep the mind sharp and engage in faster problem solving, focus, and memory retention. Coffee in moderation and on a regular basis, has many health benefits, like diminishing the risk of type 2 diabetes and ousting free radicals. With the aid of clean water, it can only set greater standards.

Not only coffee gets a higher quality out of filtered water but tea as well. Not everyone drinks coffee, but tea is another matter, and factoring in water quality, tea has as much to gain if not more than coffee. Better tasting water due to filtration will of course mean, better tasting tea to boost morale and productivity at the same time.

Reduce stress

Stress can be an unpleasant feeling many of us have had. As it turns out, keeping hydration levels optimal helps with stress, too. Dehydration by even half a liter can increase cortisol levels. Cortisol is a stress hormone, and stress is never good for productivity. Fresh clean water helps with hydration and filtered water encourages more drinking, so it helps with keeping stress levels down and sustain productivity.

Optimal health

Water filtration is a good investment for your health. Water sometimes contains all manner of impurities and pollutants that, ingested for long periods may contribute to health problems. A water filter takes out high concentrations of contaminants such as chlorine, heavy metals, and mercury while leaving in good minerals.

Drinking fresh filtered water, clean of any pathogens, offers protection from diseases and boosts our immune system. Better digestion can be reached with proper water intake and reduce bloating and constipation. Treated water with a better taste makes drinking water that much more enjoyable and having healthy hydration increases overall health for prolonged consistent productivity by way of cleaning out harmful pathogens from water.

Office work productivity

We might think that working at a desk does not pose the same danger of dehydration as working outside – being in the shade and everything, but we would be wrong. The sense of ease and a determined focus on the job can and does make many forget to drink water.

An improperly hydrated work team will thus have reduced productivity and low energy in general. Offering filtered water with improved taste can help employees develop better hydration habits. Long-term health benefits can be achieved with optimal hydration, reducing sick leave, and producing a happy work environment.