How Social Media Can be the Easiest Tool for Capturing Your Audience

social media potential

Many businesses today understand the importance of social media when engaging with their audience but many don’t really realise just how effectively it can be used.

With inbound marketing being the key methodology for reaching customers via valuable content and a user experience that has been tailored specifically for your audience, social media is invaluable when it comes to helping businesses reach, engage and add value to their customers’ journey.

Top 5 Tips for Capturing Your Social Media Audience:

Hook Your Audience With Your Headline

You want to grab your audience’s attention straightaway so it’s important to have a headline that’s going to encourage them to click. Using keywords you’ve researched and action verbs will usually do the trick but remember to also try not to use overly complicated words in your writing, staying away from jargon and industry speak so that it’s as accessible to as many people as possible.

Sharing Really is Caring

An essential part of social media marketing is making sure that your customers are sharing their experiences as this is a sure fire way to build your audience. Word of mouth has always been the best form of advertising and in this digital era, those messages are sure to spread far and wide, very quickly, especially if they have been crafted correctly.

Another good technique for making sure your content is seen and therefore shared is to include relevant hashtags. If you can hop onto a relevant trend, you can expand your coverage considerably, meaning that there is even more chance of people sharing your content and your audience growing as a result.

Algorithms for social media favour content that has shown to have had meaningful engagement in the past, so if this is the case for your past posts, chances are you’ll find your content in front of more people the next time you post.

A Picture Can Speak 1000 Words

Content that contains images is even more likely to increase views, compared to its non-visual counterparts, so it’s important to include content with images, and those images should be colourful and eye-catching to draw attention.

It’s not only images within your content that you should consider however, it’s important to refresh your profile and cover photos as well. These images are your most viewed and should be utilised to show your audience how your business can benefit them. It’s advised that you replace your profile photos at least once a month and include an eye-catching caption with them.

Valuable Video

It doesn’t matter which social platform you’re on, including video into your strategy is almost guaranteed to increase your engagement. Video isn’t just for the more visual social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram, releasing relevant video content will capture your audience and show you just how effective it can be at increasing your word-of-mouth marketing.

A tip when using video is to make sure you remember to upload it directly to the platform, rather than using an alternative video sharing platform, as this will ensure your video will start playing automatically.

Listen and Respond

It used to be the case that businesses had a 24 hour period for responding to a customer request but those days are long gone and people now expect near immediate responses from a business. If you leave a social media question or request unanswered for too long, it will not be long before your audience notices this and the negative word-of-mouth starts to spread. With this in mind, it really is essential that you always listen and respond to your customers – answer queries in a timely manner and thank those who have taken the time to like and share your posts. If you publicly recognise your positive customers, they are even more likely to become your loudest cheerleaders.

Social media is an incredibly powerful marketing tool and, if used in the right way, can be an easy way to capture your audience, and keep them engaged!