How Much Does A PMP Cost Per Year and What Is the Specific Role and Value of A PMP?

We may often hear people say that they can get a lot of money every year by attaching their lawyer’s license, CPA license, etc. to some entity. However, this is not the case with the PMP certificate.

From time to time, I get some questions like “How much does it cost per year for a PMP?” First of all, I would like to clarify that because the PMP certification is not in our system, there is no PMP certification management unit in China. The PMP can’t be relied on, so naturally there is no cost.

Then see here, perhaps many people’s hearts will be thumping, PMP certificate cannot be attached, what other uses of PMP?

In fact, we have passed the PMP certification. Whether it is a job search or work, it is an ability to add points. The following we come to see the specific role and value of PMP!

1.Why Can’t PMP Be Attached?

First of all, the PMP certification is from abroad. The official management unit is the Project Management Institute (PMI). Due to the special nature of the PMP certification, China’s system does not currently consist of the PMP certification management unit, only the State Bureau of Foreign Experts which is responsible for handling PMP examination matters. So PMP certification is not within the scope of the institutional requirements. There are dependent behaviors such as construction industry builders, construction workers, etc. because of the mandatory requirements for construction projects in terms of bidding and qualification upgrade.

2.Does PMP Carry the High Value?

The PMP certification is a qualification for project management professionals, initiated by the American Project Management Institute, and is a qualification exam for project managers to critically assess their knowledge and skills. Its purpose is to provide a unified industry standard for project managers.

It can be said that the PMP certification is currently the most prestigious certificate in the project management community and is highly recognized in over 190 countries and regions worldwide. Fortune Magazine once asserted that “The 21st century is the century of the project management Professional(PMP), because all business activities can be turned into projects.”

According to a fall 2014 survey of the US IT industry by US IT training company called Global Knowledge and magazine called Windows IT Pro, the PMI (Project Management Institute) sponsored PMP certification (Project Management Professional) qualification ranked 4th out of the 15 most valuable professional qualifications. The PMP certification is also the number one among the non-IT security technology certification. The three certifications in front of the PMP certification are all IT security technology certifications.

3.What Are the Uses of PMP?

First of all, PMP certification is not only a proof of competence, but also a symbol of identity. The value of PMP certification is higher than a general academic diploma. This is a benefit of taking the PMP certification.

In addition, the PMP certification has a high practical value and can be applied in many industries. This is why authorities require a PMP certified person to be available in any particular industry. Current Project Management Professionals are using the PMP certification as a good way to improve themselves. Firstly with this certificate they can work or participate in project management, giving them more opportunities for career development. Secondly, PMP certified people can participate in project management seminars and learn the advanced project management knowledge and concepts.

What’s more, the PMP certification has the benefit of helping job seekers to have more suitable opportunities. When companies interview two candidates with similar abilities and qualifications, those with PMP certification are more likely to stand out. And now in project management, there is too much need for standardized project management. So whether it is IT and Internet or construction projects, as well as other industries, companies in the recruitment of project managers are required to have a project manager PMP certification. Another aspect is that when companies negotiate and compete, they have a great advantage because they have professional project managers. This gives the company the right of first refusal.

In summary, although the PMP cannot be relied on to make money, in the long run, it improves the workplace competitiveness of the holder and can help people get a promotion and a pay rise. This should be the most practical use of the PMP. After all, ability is the greatest wealth which can not be taken away.