How Professional Cleaning Companies Can Make The Workplace Less Stressful

According to the Office for National Statistics, 17.5 million working days are lost each year in the UK because of mental health conditions, much of which boils down to stress.

Indeed, of all work absences in the last reporting period, 44 per cent were down to mental ill-health rather than physiological ailments. That’s quite an astonishing figure when you think about it, especially when you consider that workplaces themselves can often be stressful. As such, bosses should be doing everything they can to make their places of work as stress-free as possible.

Of course, it is not just that helping employees to deal with stress means gaining a reputation of being a good employer, but the fact that it makes economic sense, too. In short, when people don’t feel overly stressed, they are less likely to call in sick. In turn, this places their colleagues under less strain and so they’ll feel less stressed out. Customers will be able to get the level of service they expected because your business is fully manned more often. Furthermore, you will find that there is a lower rate of staff turnover in businesses where people are better equipped to cope with stress. Since recruitment and retention costs are a significant part of all medium-sized enterprises’ expenditure, holding onto staff with less burnout should be a part of your commercial strategy.

It should be said that there are numerous ways to help employees deal with stress and to learn ways of coping with it better. One important step that all enterprises can take is to offer a cleaner working environment. What would a professional cleaning company be able to do to help your staff members feel less stressed out when they are working? Read on to find out.

  • Better Looked After

When your offices are professionally maintained by a commercial cleaning company, you will find that employees soon notice the difference. A cleaner working environment will mean staff members realise that their employer is serious about their care and will feel more looked after. This simple psychological step will mean people often feel less stressed and negative about their working environment.

  • Fewer Responsibilities

Asking members of your team to stay late one evening a week to clean places an unnecessary extra burden on them. Typically, office managers will nag staff to do minor cleaning jobs like emptying bins or washing up which leads to petty behaviours in many cases. Take this workload off your employees so they can concentrate on their core tasks and outsource cleaning to professionals instead!

  • Less Anxiety

When people work in a place they perceive to be dirty, they worry about it. Being anxious at work won’t always lead to feelings of stress and doubt but it certainly can do. On the other hand, when people know they’re going to turn up to a clean workplace without so much clutter, they are much less likely to worry about it.

  • Improved Physical Health

Remember that hiring a professional cleaning company to look after your business premises is not all about dealing with stress. Removing germs and microbes will mean you see a reduction in sickness rates, too. In turn, this will help employees not to feel so stressed if they need to take a day off because they feel sick because such events will occur less often.