How Instagram uses artificial intelligence and big data


Instagram is a social networking application for sharing content such as videos and photos that was launched in 2010.

At this moment, it already has hundreds of millions of active users. What’s more, it is already owned by Facebook.

Every day, around 70 million pictures are uploaded on the platform. People, on the other hand, engage with these posts by clicking the heart button, using hashtags, and commenting.

What all of these activities do are making a huge amount of data. When analyzed by people and increasingly over artificial intelligence algorithms they can offer great insights to people as well as business intel.

Either way, keep on reading to find out how Instagram uses artificial intelligence and big data.

Ways Instagram Uses Artificial Intelligence and Big Data

Filter Spam

In order to combat spam, Instagram utilizes artificial intelligence. The spam filter, on the other hand, is capable of removing fake messages from Instagram accounts written in 9 different languages such as Arabic, Russian, English, Chinese, and among others. Once the message is detected it will be removed automatically.

In addition to that, Instagram utilizes the artificial intelligence text analytics of Facebook that understands the message’s context nearly as great as people.

However, aside from messages, Instagram is also capable of filtering accounts that have fake followers. So if you’re planning to buy make sure that you are getting real followers. Don’t worry because most sellers these days like are proven reliable and safe.

Improve User Experience

To make sure that people will see value in Instagram, it is crucial for the platform to display what they like.

As the number of content cultivates, looking for content that is relevant to users becomes more challenging.

On the other hand, when Instagram changed the order of its feed, algorithms that are machine-learning are put at work to aid in sorting the information to what is more relevant and valued for every user in order to make a personalized feed.

Target Marketing

To make the collected data valuable, Instagram should extract the insights of customers from it. By evaluating the engagement insights as well as search preferences from its users, Instagram may sell marketing to businesses who want to reach certain customer profiles and who may be interested in obtaining marketing messages.

Since Facebook already owned Instagram, in fact, they have a great systemof analytics information to aid in target marketing based on what humans want, what they save, as well as who they interact with and follow.

Search and Explore Page Function

With the use of trending information and tags, people using Instagram can search for pictures for a certain event, activity or topic, or see experiences, places, and shops across the world which are trending.

Supported by tagging, search tools can help people in finding things of interest amongst the hundreds of millions of posted images.

Without a doubt, Instagram used artificial intelligence as well as big data in a very good way. Hopefully, you’ve learned a lot of new things from this content.