How Cloud-Based Video And Access Control Security Is Changing Proptech

Businesses are always searching for new ways to secure their premises better without substantial additional costs.

It is the nature of every business, but luckily the most recent technological advancements are providing businesses with the key to achieving this dream.

Cloud-based security technology has been taking the commercial real estate industry by a storm recently, bringing security systems to the future, and it is now every property manager’s best friend.

More than 50% of organizations moved their stack to the cloud, with long term ROI being an important factor in their decision. Cloud-based security technology offers your commercial properties an enhanced level of protection that traditional security systems cannot supply.

Cloud-based proptech has become so popular because of its ability to extend the skills of existing security systems by integrating them. Integrated security technologies and software can combat the latest safety and security threats to real estate as they make security management easier while enriching data to make better choices.

Integrated security technologies have the potential to revolutionize your security system by providing you with more efficient and flexible management and a stronger security system with greater capabilities. Cloud-based technology has endless uses that can change how you manage your properties.

More Efficient Management Of Security Systems

Cloud-based security allows your security teams to manage multiple technologies at once without any additional grief. Security teams do not have to work with several separate systems simultaneously to figure out the problem. This takes time and resources that could be redistributed elsewhere for the betterment of the security system.

Instead, security can simultaneously monitor video surveillance, access control, and building management. By being able to view all the security technologies from one platform, security teams will be able to manage the system better. There will be no more time wasted on switching between systems and making comparisons; everything will be at your fingertips.

You could even manage all of the technologies across multiple properties into one platform for more efficient management as the network covers and provides a visual of each building at all times. The cloud offers a way to efficiently provide more visibility over systems for a greater level of security and protection for your commercial building.

Integrating Technology

One of the many advantages of cloud-based security technology is the ability to integrate devices. Cloud-based technology allows access control to integrate with building management systems to make your property more efficient.

If your access control sends automatic alerts to HVAC and lighting systems when a room is empty, these systems can form an automated response to reduce the temperature in the room and turn off the lights.

This automation reduces the amount of energy used in a building when it isn’t in use, which positively impacts energy bills. Applying this integration to multiple properties can significantly reduce your costs and reduce your carbon footprint. Integrated technologies allow you to help yourself and the environment with little extra work.

Remote Management

Traditional security systems have always utilized on-premises systems to manage the security of the building. For a long time, this was a highly effective method until cloud-based technology. With cloud-based technology, security teams can manage your building security and management system from a remote device.

If an active incident does occur, your security team will be able to evaluate the incident through their device with the help of multiple integrated technologies and garner a well-rounded view of the issue. From there, they could make better informed decisions and deploy resources on-site as needed.

Remote management makes access user-friendly and provides flexibility for your security team without compromising the quality of the security system. Your security team wouldn’t need to remain on-site and could be offsite, onsite, or in a completely different area to manage your building effectively.

Cloud-based video and access control security are accessible via all devices to make managing your buildings’ systems faster and easier.

Strengthens Security Systems

Integrating your technologies provides you with the ability to link your systems so they can work together to streamline security and induce faster responses to incidents. But integrated technology is also capable of so much more.

Integrated security technologies can exchange data with each other, which enriches their existing data. With this data, technologies can adapt and strengthen their processes to find more efficient and effective working methods.

For example, a video door intercom system is far more secure than a doorbell because it combines access control and video security through one piece of technology. Video intercoms can remotely validate a guest’s identity through a video camera which removes the need for an on-site security guard to verify identities and manage visitors.

In this instance, integrating video and access control into a video intercom reduces the workload and offers flexibility in system management without lowering the quality of the security system. Cloud technology allows technologies to integrate, resulting in stronger security systems that can better protect your commercial property.