How can you start a career without experience?

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After college graduation, many job seekers get discouraged based on the reality they encounter in the labor market. People who want to change career paths often fall victim, too.

Most firms want to employ experienced personnel in entry-level jobs. One wonders if a graduate will ever gain the much touted pre-entry experience. You need the experience to get a job, and you need a job to gain experience.

There are quite several ways that you can kick start the career of your dreams despite the experience restriction employers impose.

Try your luck

There have been cases where employers resort to employing promising inexperienced graduates, especially when experienced people do not apply for entry level jobs. This chance still exist today. The key to convincing employers is how creatively you craft your CV. You don’t flaunt your inexperience. Instead, you make a strong case for skills sets you possess that are relevant to the job. When called for an interview, don’t panic. Stay calm and answer politely when you are challenged over experience. You may end up being one of the lucky ones to get hired.

Start volunteering

Working for free can give you lots of opportunities to gain the experience you desire. This is an easier alternative to the internship. Working for a couple of months in a firm or industry that aligns with the type of job you crave can also provide valuable contacts. The reputation you build with these contacts over time may help you qualify for recommendation to an employer.

Volunteering will give you real life experiences that would inspire you and also build your CV. With your experience, you will be more confident during job interviews.

Opt for internship

Securing an internship is a better alternative to volunteering as you get paid as an intern. You get most of the benefits of volunteering, plus your employer may decide to offer you a full-time job.

Apprenticing under the tutelage of notable persons in your field is also another means of getting an excellent experience. Affiliations with notable persons in the job can catapult you faster towards reaching your career goals. Sometimes, an apprentice may be employed by the tutor.

Connect with people already working in your preferred career

A job hunt or career path is not meant to be taken in isolation. Keep in touch with family members and friends who are working or have people working in your field of choice. Set up your Linkedin profile, so you are more visible to potential employers. Use your social media account to market yourself to potential employers. You can also upload your CV on so potential employers can consider you for an interview. Jobsora is a job search engine where you can target local vacancies in your area of interest. You will find vacancies from almost every country in the world. Take advantage of their services, even without paying a dime.

Brand your CV creatively

As you gain tangible experiences, whether through volunteering or other means, let them reflect in your CV. You need to create your CV in such a way that downplays your relative inexperience but extols your strengths.

Employers are getting bored with traditional CV formats as they tell little about job seekers. Employers hardly find the information they need in CVs. Take advantage of new and creative online CV templates to woo employers with your competencies.

Attend seminars and workshops

Be sure to attend seminars and workshops that are related to your career path. You get to discover current trends to distinguish you from other job-seekers. You can also meet with potential employers and get to relate with them in a friendlier environment.

Take short professional courses

Employers value professional certificates. They value the EXTRA skills acquired as a result of taking professional courses. Take advantage of expanding your contacts while availing yourself for professional courses.

Have the will to start small and grow big

When you are just starting a career, it is better to be realistic. Start with what your level of experience can afford and work your way up from there.

With creative approaches to your job search, diligence, and hard work, you can position yourself on a higher plane of career opportunities and fulfillment.