How Banks Can Help Problem Gamblers

It may look strange or even impossible but banks can help players who have a gambling addiction. There are a few ways this is happening and can help you more than you may believe.

It may look strange or even impossible but banks can help players who have a gambling addiction. There are a few ways this is happening and can help you more than you may believe.

Today we are going to discuss all of the ways banks can help problem gamblers. These are important methods so some even claim that banks can eliminate gambling addiction.

Banks Cooperate With GamStop

You probably know what GamStop is. It is a self-exclusion system that operates in the UK. A player who registers with GamStop will be banned from all UKGC-licensed casinos, and they must wait until the chosen duration of exclusion expires before they can play again — this can be as long as five years. However, during this period, players still have the option to bet on non GamStop bookmakers with, which are not covered by the GamStop self-exclusion scheme. Once the self-exclusion period is over, a player will have to contact GamStop support and request the removal of the ban. This process typically takes 24 hours, and only after that will the ban be lifted, allowing access again to UKGC-licensed casinos and betting sites.

Because GamStop is completely free and there are no fees of any kind, banks can cooperate with GamStop and make it more appealing and more ideal to the gamblers who have issues when gambling. This is all something that is happening as we speak. A lot of United Kingdom banks have been working with GamStop and many other platforms of the same kind to stop gambling addiction and put an end to it, finally. A lot of work is needed here so we cannot see a complete solution within months or weeks but it has great odds.

Here we can see another trend that we must explain. Many other payment providers such is PayPal are also promoting GamStop and responsible gambling. You can see that PayPal is available only at websites for gambling where UKGC has coverage. This makes this payment method one of the most appealing for gamblers who suffer from addiction. We can add that in the future we are going to see a lot more platforms and payment methods being added to the list.

Gamban Promotions

These days banks have millions of clients and the numbers are going up every single day. What does this mean? It means that banks can promote Gamban. This is another platform that helps players who have an addiction. It is software that will block access to all betting and gambling websites almost instantly and there is no way you can bypass it. It is very effective and has been used by many players who have gambling issues.

Now imagine a scenario in which all the UK banks promote Gamban and target the promotions towards gamblers who have a gambling addiction. You can imagine the appeal here and you can deduce how much this will be effective.

Keep in mind that most websites for gamblers are promoting getting Gamban right now. You can see the logo at the footer of the pages and you can get additional information by clicking on it. This is almost mandatory for UKGC casinos and betting sites. On the other hand, some casinos that don’t have UKGC license don’t promote Gamban. As such, we can see that banks are going to have a huge effect on this case scenario and that they can reach gamblers who are inaccessible to UKGC.

Gamban has been known to help and if you have a gambling addiction or you are worried about developing one, it would be a smart idea to learn more about this software. It is available for all devices so even if you gamble using your smartphone, you can still use it and keep yourself safe and actually immune to gambling. When banks start to promote Gamban more, you will have additional help you need right now.

Blocking Transfers

Yes, banks especially the ones in the United Kingdom can block all transactions connected to finances. All the banks can see where or for what purpose a client is making the deposit. As such, they can decline the transaction if the client is using it to fund the online casino account. As such, this makes it impossible for players to use a credit card or a debit card to play.

In the UK, credit cards are not allowed to be used for online gambling at UKGC casinos so you can see that all of this works well already. Keep in mind that there are offshore or casinos that don’t have UKGC that will accept credit cards and players can use any amount they want to play with.

This is an interesting topic. Gamblers who have an addiction will often use their credit card as the primary payment method, meaning they can use the money they technically don’t own yet. This is a bigger problem than you might imagine, hence banning this option probably was the right thing to do. Now it is impossible for players to end up in debt or to lose more money than they have. Additionally, the regulation of gambling ads on TV plays a significant role in this context. By controlling these ads, there’s an added layer of protection to prevent the glamorization of gambling, which is crucial for those vulnerable to addiction.

Blocking gambling-related transactions is one of the ways bank can help players who have a gambling addiction. If you can’t deposit funds, you cannot gamble hence we can see how and why this method is so effective.

The Final Word

Banks can help gamblers with addiction more than you can imagine. After all, these are the primary payment provider in one way or another hence we can see the power they have. When all of these methods become even more developed, the effect will be massive and we can finally see gambling addiction seriously decline or completely disappear.