How advancing technology can aid in making molding process super easy and efficient? 

Plastic Injection Molding

We all are witnessing round the clock changes in all the aspects of our life. The industrial world is also well come the new technologies.

In the last decade, numerous advanced technologies are invented which are actually helping several industries and making their business fast and profitable. Plastic molding process is one of such technology and in this particular blog we are going to discuss interesting facts about the plastic molding technologies which have numerous applications in the modern industrial world. 

Plastic molding

Since the invention of plastic, it became an integral part of our day to day life. From the living room to the kitchen there are numerous objects which are prepared from plastics. If we want to prepare a particular article from the plastic then we use a plastic mold of various kinds.

Plastic molding is a process which is used to prepare different objects from plastic through highly complex design. At present we have numerous platforms like – in the online markets that are actually providing the best options for world-class plastic molding techniques. Now, advanced technology based molding machines are available in the online market which are widely used for the making of automobile parts, different kinds of containers and other items of daily use. 

Types of molding techniques

Rotational molding 

Injection molding 

Blow molding 

Compression moulding. 

Rotational molding

It is based on a very simple concept, in such kind of molding; the powdered plastic is placed into the hollow mould which is made up of aluminum or steel. After that, the mould is closed and rotated slowly and then heated gradually due to which the plastic inside the mould started melting. Once the plastic is completely melted it is sent to the cooling station. At present numerous industries are heavily dependent upon polyethene and 97% of such kind of plastics is prepared rotational molding. 

Specialties of rotational molding

If we compare different types of techniques of plastic molding then we will found that rotational molding is a very cost-effective process and complicated shapes can be prepared through this kind of molding process. In the rotomoulding, you will get uniform wall thickness. It is also important to know that cost of rotomoulding machines are comparatively low as compared to other kinds of molding machines and there is no limit of size in case of rotational molding, it is used to prepare large size water tanks, containers, pallets, color boxes, automotive parts, boats etc. 

Injection molding

Injection molding is very frequently used by a large number of industries for the fabrication of numerous plastic parts. Numerous products of daily use are prepared by usingInjection moulding technique. In the injection molding, the plastic is injected to molding machine then it gets molded and after cooling the final shape is obtained. It is commonly used for making different household objects, containers, fitting devices etc.  

Specialties of injection molding  

It is very commonly used in the preparation of different types of plastic equipment. Even very complex shape can be easily prepared through this process. It provides excellent and smooth finishing to the objects. This molding technique is very cost-efficient also and provide very high production rate, the labor cost is quite low and even the scrap can be easily recycled. 

Blow molding  

Blow molding is commonly used for preparing hollow plastic parts. In the blow molding process, plastic is heated until it takes the desired shape. The thermoplastic material is taken as raw material for this kind of moulding. Different types of articles prepared from blow molding like -containers, often we use bottles to carry liquids which are prepared using blow molding techniques and pipes. In blow molding commonly used raw material are- 

Low-density polyethylene (LDPE) 

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) 

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) 

Polypropylene (PP) 

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) 

Specialties of blow molding

The complex shapes of uniform thickness are prepared by blow molding. The rate of output is quite high when you use blow molding. Blow molding is a very advanced and automatic process hence the labor cost is quite low. Another big advantage of this molding technique is that it generates very low scrap and at the same time you must know that the blow molding technique useful only for preparing hollow objects and the finishing is not as good as other molding techniques. 

Compression molding

In this kind of molding process, a preheated polymer is put into the heated cavity, after that the cavity is closed from the upper side and compressed to get the proper shape. This process is used to produce different kinds of objects which are variable lengths and thickness, through this process very complex objects of high strength is produced in different industries 

Specialties of compression molding

It is a highly advanced technique and can be effectively used to create numerous complex objects. The items produced by compression molding are quite durable and very strong. Through compression molding, complex shapes can be created very easily.  

The new trends of the plastic molding industry

The plastic molding industry is witnessing several trends these days. We all know that the sector is led by European Nations until the last decade. With the increase in the market size numerous manufacturers of machines this industry comes into existence. Now several Chinese mold manufacturers are coming up with and high tech options for plastic molding which are cost-effective also. The utility and demand of plastic is constantly increasing, as a result of which the need for industrial equipment is increasing. According to a report presented by BCC research, the injection molding market will reach 233 billion dollars by the year 2023, and this report is quite reliable also. 

If you are looking to purchase plastic mold or molding products in the upcoming days then it is advisable that you should compare the price and features offered by the different platforms then only make any decision and you should visit an expert platform to know about the new trends of this industry.