How a mobile maintenance software will benefit your industrial organization

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Nowadays, we rely on mobile phones for various uses in our every day to day life, for instance, in communication and browsing the internet as well.

With technological advancements, most processes can be tailored to mobile phone software for convenience.

One such advancement is a mobile maintenance software which is available for industries to utilize for maintenance purposes. Given the rising pressure to keep industries and particularly equipment running, maintenance teams must do what it takes to remain efficient and productive. Also known as a mobile CMMS, mobile maintenance software offers a lot of benefits to the industrial world.

Workforce mobility

With mobile maintenance management software, the maintenance team is not tied to a desk job. The technicians are no longer connected to stationary computers and can still cover a vast part of the industrial plant. In addition to that, they don’t waste time walking to and from offices, stockrooms and job sites to make enquiries. They have real-time information from their mobile phones and can know what is happening with a particular asset where and at what time.

Using a mobile maintenance software, you can create a work order from where you are, plan, schedule and assign a maintenance task to technicians in the field. On the other hand, if the technicians discover a maintenance problem while in the field, they can create work orders there and then without having to come back to the office.

A paperless workplace

Digitalization is the order of the day. With mobile maintenance software, you can enjoy a paperless environment that simplifies work and leads to efficiency. With everything about maintenance stored in a mobile CMMS, you don’t have to peruse through stacks of paperwork or dig through file cabinets to find maintenance documents.

A mobile CMMS provides you with a maintenance log template that documents the performed maintenance activities, equipment asset tag number, used spare parts, location, time, date and every other information concerning the maintenance of a particular asset. You can access all that information by just logging on to the CMMS app from your mobile phone.

Additionally, a paperless space reduces the company’s operational costs in terms of printer supplies, cartridges, energy and labour.

Efficient processes

Technicians are likely to document information as the maintenance work is going on. That is instead of waiting until the end of the day to enter the information on the computer. Besides, they may have forgotten the exact figures, or due to exhaustion, they are prone to making errors.

A mobile maintenance management system makes it easy for the team to input inspection based data and equipment usage information right in front of the equipment as the work is ongoing. That way, there are reduced errors and inefficiencies.

In addition to that, technicians can use the mobile maintenance system to view, create, change, or close work orders right on the spot.


If you have no idea about a mobile maintenance software, it is well-designed for use on different screen sizes leading to a simplified user interface. The cameras embedded in smartphones allow you to add supplemental information to work orders such as attached manuals, images or videos. It also provides talk to text data entry which is more convenient and time-saving than using an on-screen keyboard.

In a nutshell, a mobile maintenance app offers many time-saving features that are most necessary in maintenance operations to reduce downtime. Plus, employees can use their familiar devices with ease to access the CMMS.

More accessibility

When there is a lack of necessary computing stationary in an organization, it slows down processes and productivity. With only a few people with access to a computer, they are responsible for all the data entry which slows down maintenance operations.

Maintenance teams that must share computers have no choice than to wait for computers to become available. Again, computers may not be in convenient locations. A mobile CMMS enables everyone to access the maintenance program anywhere at the same time.

The takeaway

Adopting a mobile maintenance software helps you to manage assets, view inventories, access real-time maintenance activities hence increasing your industrial productivity.