Happy Customer, Happy Business: What is customer satisfaction in the tech era?


In modern-day, customers across the globe are seeking information, products, and services, online.

What does this mean for businesses?

They need to learn how to move every aspect of their business to an online platform, including customer service.

Removing person-to-person contact and moving communication exclusively to the internet is daunting. If done incorrectly, it can be a breaking point for many businesses.

Luckily, many companies have risen to the occasion of making sure they have a happy customer at the end of the day!

Interested in learning how you can improve customer satisfaction for your business? Read on to find some great tips and tricks!

Average Response Time

If your business has transferred to an online platform, you are no longer running a shop that runs from 9-5 5 days a week. The business is open 24/7!

This may seem overwhelming, but it is actually a great thing for business!

With this platform, you are able to reach a far wider audience. Additionally, you can gather information from the client in real-time.

However, it is important to know that the quicker a potential client receives a response on an inquiry, the more likely they are to do business with you. If they are kept waiting several days for a simple answer, they are going to seek out another business instead.

Solve this by hiring employees that can cover a live chat service or answer customer support emails on the weekend!

You can also get information to a potential client quickly by creating FAQ pages, offering a phone number, and automating an email response so that the client knows you are looking into their request.

Make sure to get data to see how fast your response time is, and then work from there to beat that time!

Work on Developing Customer Loyalty

There is wisdom in the saying, “A bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush.”

What this means for your business is that you need to focus on developing relationships with your existing clients instead of putting all your focus towards chasing new clients!

A loyal customer can be your best sales team, and clients are likely to choose a business to work with based on their customer service experience.

No matter how good a product or service may be, it will not sell if the customer service is not superb!

Foster relationships with your clients by sending out birthday emails or special discounts, sending a check-in or follow up email, and asking for feedback about how you can improve!

A loyal client is a client that feels seen and trusts a business. In the tech era, this element of customer service has never been easier!

Try Out Customer Engagement Software

We can’t read minds just yet…

However, computer software can watch the client’s every move and begin to anticipate what the client needs!

There is software that exists that will collect data about how your client uses your online platform. This will help you improve your platform, learn about the critical moments of when you are about to make a sale and make a plan for the future of your business.

Along with collecting data, customer engagement software can automate a lot of work for you.

Don’t worry- your interactions with clients can still be personal. What automation will do for you is take off some of the workloads so you can focus on other aspects of your business.

Customer engagement software will also ensure that your client is having a smooth and consistent experience every time they visit your site.

No surprises or tech snafus = a happy customer.

Create Customer-Centric Content

A great way to improve customer satisfaction in the tech area is by creating content that focuses on the customer’s needs!

Anticipating your customer’s questions and answering them before they have to send in a customer support email is going to put your customer at ease.

This will also save your customer service team a ton of time! If customer-centric content like informational blogs, FAQ pages, and creative guides are on your page already, they won’t waste time answering questions related to those topics.

This is also a chance to show your business is different from other companies. Use the content section of your business site to show off what you do best and how you shine!

Don’t underestimate the power of excellent content.

Here are some examples of content you can create:

  • FAQ pages
  • Youtube Channel
  • Informational Blogs
  • Interviews
  • Testimonials

Prevent Issues Instead of Addressing Them

In the tech era, the name of the game is anticipation.

If you are able to anticipate the needs of your customers, address their problems immediately, and get back to them quickly, you are going to be flooded with loyal customers!

However, calming a client down after they are already upset is much more difficult.

It is an unfortunate reality that an angry customer is much more likely to share their experience than a happy customer. That’s why it is essential to keep the number of upset clients to a minimum.

If you do run into a situation where you have an angry client on your hands, try to make them feel heard! Learn from the experience and see how you can improve in the future.

Happy Customer, Happy Business

Customer satisfaction may look different in the tech area, but it still has the same principles.

Understand what your customer needs and anticipate their next move. Along with that, make sure to listen to your clients and learn from them.

Enjoy the process of developing a long-lasting relationship with your customers!

A happy customer makes a happy business.

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