Get your restaurant noticed with these six secrets

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In order to keep your restaurant relevant, it’s important to be on the constant lookout for possible improvements and oncoming trends.

With many new establishments being opened on a regular basis, you’ll have to try your best to keep the existing customers satisfied.

By following the next six tips/secrets, you’ll be on a good path to achieve just that.

Inform Yourself

Trends are prone to constant change, and seemingly new themes can quickly become obsolete. Take note of what’s popular among the general public. For example, this can be an open restaurant kitchen where the food is prepared in plain sight right beside the guests. These larger concepts can be somewhat harder to implement and they highly depend on the type of food you’re selling, but you’re not only limited to them.

Diet/vegan portions are highly popular nowadays, and they can be added to the restaurant’s menu in just a couple of hours. You can always find something useful to introduce, no matter small it is.

Organize Different Events

The exact same atmosphere each day can quickly get boring and deter potential guests. To break the monotony, you should frequently organize different events – this can be anything from a charity fundraiser and live music to even a birthday or a holiday party.

By doing this, you give people a reason to come back in order to experience different ambiances. Also, it’s one of the most efficient methods for generating larger revenue, especially once you start getting regular visitors.

The opportunities are endless, just try to make the events different enough each time in order to spark your guest’s curiosity.

Build Relationships With Your Team

Experienced and satisfied employees are the key to success. The better they perform, the more people you’ll attract. Work with each team member individually and show them that you care about their well-being through common interests. One way to discover those is through their social media accounts.

Spokeo, a reverse phone lookup tool can help you track down their online profiles by simply entering one piece of information. It will return all corresponding matches. After that, it’s just a matter of finding some common ground. You can also gain an insight into how they’re feeling through their social media posts. Show them that you’re not only their boss but also a friend.

Get a Solid Website

If someone needs a certain piece of information, the first place they’ll look at is your restaurant’s website. Leaving a good first impression here is going to show them that you’re serious about what you’re doing and that their satisfaction is your top priority.

They should be able to find everything here, from the menu and the individual prices to the themes and dates of the different events. Good SEO can also help it rank high in Google’s search results so that your restaurant’s website is the first thing that pops up.

Finally, focus on making it both aesthetically pleasing and functional – don’t settle only for one element.

Register Your Restaurant on EatApp

The days of tedious bookings via phone calls are gone. With EatApp, a restaurant reservation software, your guests can book a table with just a few taps on their smartphone.

Available for both Android and iOS, this convenient app will help you get exposure while making your customer’s lives far easier. The software updates constantly in real-time, reducing the amount of work that you have to do while also ensuring that your customers never get left hanging.

It tailors to the guest’s preferences and gives them an option to choose the exact date and time when they want to have a table available. Since you’re required to input both the menu and the prices, your guests will know in advance what to expect. The sheer popularity of the app will make your restaurant well-known.

Use Social Media For Marketing

A picture is worth a thousand words, and you should take advantage of that. Using a platform such as Instagram can give potential visitors an idea of how your interior looks, as well as provide an insight into what you have to offer. The images you post should look as professional as possible while also being true-to-life.

Also, the amount of registered users on different social media platforms is unparalleled by any other advertising method and it’s completely free. If you’re having trouble getting noticed, you can try using Instagram ads or even suggest partnerships to other more popular establishments. Once you get the hang of it, the only sky is the limit.