Get optimal energy-saving upgrades for your sash windows with Repair a Sash London

Repair a sash

Repair a Sash offers complete restoration services for original sash windows to bring them up to date with modern energy efficiency standards.

The company uses an expert team of professional craftsmen that can ensure high-quality results in the replacement, repair, installation, and upgrading of timber sash windows.

By employing the services of Repair a Sash you pay for long-term home improvement with an advantageous return on investment. The upgrading of sash windows reduces energy consumption and diminishes the carbon footprint of your house.

Repair a Sashoffers some of the most affordable sash window replacement services in London. In time, the money that you save with energy efficient upgrades will pay off the present costs of the entire process.

Premium quality timber

Repair a Sash has the expertise to upgrade original sash windows according to current building regulations and in full conformity with the latest property laws. The company replaces the materials that have been in place for more than a century with new, premium quality timber. A team of expert professionals ensures that the new windows fit in seamlessly and do not affect the design or the architectural structure of the house.

This 21st-century upgrade of sash windows will make your London home viable for present-day energy-saving standards and feasible for many more years to come. Repair a Sash guarantees bespoke projects that fit perfectly with the style and façade of your home. Whether you choose to replace or repair a sash window, a glass panel or a timber door, you can rest assured that you will receive carefully manufactured products that will last a lifetime.

Sash window with vintage look of 19thcentury

The sash windows provided by the company have been designed to retain the vintage look of 19thcentury (or older) sash panels. You can have your pick from a broad selection of timbers and finishes that are guaranteed to suit any type of property. A team of expert craftsmen ensures optimal installation for enhanced sound-proofing and increased energy efficiency.

Problems with sash windows is draught

One of the biggest problems with sash windows is draught, which appears in time due to weaning and deterioration. Repair a Sash aims to solve all of your draught-related problems by renovating old windows and installing new almost invisible draught-proofing system incorporated into the beading.

Additionally, the company offers the services of trained professionals who can inspect the condition of your sash windows and suggest renovation works that prevent them from worsening.

Sash window repair

Contact Repair a Sash also specializes in replacing, repairing, and installing new double-glazed sashes. These windows increase the warmth and comfort of your home without diminishing its classic aspect. Popular sash choices like casement windows are also on the company’s offer, and they come in a variety of designs and timbers.

You can install a high-quality casement window in a new building or as part of the renovation process of old construction. In both cases, guarantees professional work, expert advice, and optimal results.