Frustrated with Skype? How to remove contacts and delete your account


You cannot forget the name of Skype while talking about the list of video calling platforms. It came into operation back in the year 2003 and people started using it as a verb for facetime.

In 2011, Microsoft took over Skype and that was a golden period for Skype as it kept elevating till the year 2013. At that time they reported 50 million users using the app concurrently. With time its competitors came into the market and they enhanced their product quality by providing more user-friendly features. For example, they brought in the video call accessibility directly through the browsing. Video chats at Google Hangouts are a great example of it.

You should stop using something that you no more found as advanced as it could be and that too when the alternatives are plenty. In order to delete your Skype account, you have an easy procedure. In this article, we will teach you how to delete Skype account and contacts.

Remove Contacts

After joining the Skype application you must have got two options in order to add your contacts to the video chatting application. The one method asks for adding the contacts from your Adress Book and the second method allows you to add the specific contacts manually. You can remove the manually added contacts simply by the selection method. You would tap on that particular contact and select the remove option, the contact would be deleted.

The mobile-first users, the users are asked for permission to get access to all the phone contacts to help you in finding all your friends who are using Skype easily. It does not, however, do a complete job for you. It adds all your phone contacts to the contact list and not only the ones that are using the service. But the purpose of behind this action is to notify you when a friend joins the service afterward.

Disabling Does not Suffice

You cannot delete the contacts that were imported previously. This generally does not happen in other applications. You can disable the access of Skype to your Phone book but still, your contacts would remain within the application and they would not get deleted. The contacts in Microsoft are thus added to their servers.

You might check Microsoft’s privacy policy in which it has been clearly mentioned that they use your address book from time to time. This helps it to add your friends to Skype contacts automatically. They give an option to block the people you do not wish to chat with. But they do not provide an option to deleted the contacts that they are added automatically.

How to delete a Skype account?

Skype does not allow you to remove your account very easily. Generally, people want to maintain their social networks and they become habitual while deciding to delete their account. The engineering behind Skype is considered dark where they have not produced a  user-friendly interface.

Your account goes through a verification when you start the deletion procedure. Make sure that there is not any essential data in the account before confirming the deletion. The account would be deleted only after a month. Till then your account would be visible to other users. You are given an option to make your account junk by editing your information for the last days.


You might find it vying but the new alternatives to Skype that are now present for the users are relatively more enhanced in their features and they provide a user-friendly interface. It has been reported by many users that they were unable to delete their Skype account and the reason as its migration tp a Microsoft account.

The Skype account gets full-fledged migrated to your Microsoft Account and that makes it mandatory for you to keep your Skype Account. You would not be forced to use your new account on Skype and you do not need to install any Skype apps. You can simply uninstall and disable the installed apps. But, if you want to continue with your Microsoft account you got no choice but to keep your Skype account and ignore it.

Photo by Tirza van Dijk on Unsplash