Fishing boat charters in the US | Industry trends and data

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Running a fishing boat charter enables you to provide great relaxation and exploration opportunities for lots of people.

It allows them to discover different fish species and get to see them in their natural habitat.

Having a successful charter business requires you to have quality fishing boats that easily explore the deep sea.

You’ll also need qualified fishermen who have familiarized themselves with the waters.

This will ensure that your clients get the full experience and manage to catch some fish themselves. Aside from that, it is also important to learn more about the business itself.

Get to know the trends and the data associated with the industry to get a better feel of the business you’re in or want to get into.

Industry Trends

Learning the industry trends will help you scale your fishing boat charter business and ensure that you provide the best services to your clients. Some of the industry trends to look out for include:

Multiple Days or Overnight Trips

The idea of having the time of one’s life enjoying the magical views of the deep waters, the breeze, and the fresh air is very appealing. This is why there’s an increase in overnight trips with some people opting to take a few days and enjoy the fishing charter services.

In these trips, the fishermen have a set destination that they plan to explore with their clients. The journey starts in the night into the deep waters and by sunrise they get to the destined location.

This comes with amazing views of the sunrise and an amazing opportunity for clients to bask as they wait to catch some fish. With guidance from the fishermen, clients are bound to have great catches and have amazing stories of their experience.

Tournament-Style Trips

Over the years, there have been shows aired on competitive fishing expeditions. This has piqued real interest among the corporate world, families, and friends. It is a great team-building activity that involves lots of fun moments and also teamwork.

For these trips, the people are separated into groups and required to board different boats. These boats then head into the water and the teams compete among themselves.

The competition is either based on which team manages to catch the largest fish or the highest number of fish within a certain period.

This involves the effort of the whole team including the captains and the fishing guides on board. Customizing these trips to suit individual needs is also a good idea for your charter business.

Marketing Techniques

The best way to let people in on the fantastic experiences and opportunities that fishing boat charters offer is by marketing your business. For this, relying on the use of photos alone will not suffice. Your goal should be to give them a real feel of the whole experience.

The best way to do this is by investing in videos that show the activities, life underwater, and other people experiencing the same. To achieve this, you’ll need to rely on a quality GoPro camera and Youtube.

The GoPro camera is designed specifically for adventure lovers and comes with a quality mount and a waterproof case. These features allow people to take footage underwater and also film themselves as they enjoy the activity.

Once you have your videos, putting them up on Youtube to better market them and reach more people is the next thing. This will allow you to connect with potential clients and show them what they could enjoy if they decided to experience charter services with your company.

Fishing Charter Statistics in the United States

The fishing boat charter business in the US has grown over the years due to the amazing experience it provides. This has made it a lucrative business for those willing to learn the industry trends, adopt them, and add to their customer experience.

The statistics in the United States show that the market size is worth $405 million. This figure goes to show that this is a great business with an amazing potential for growth as time progresses.

Also, the number of businesses already in existence stands at 3,397 showing its competitiveness but also encouraging more people to join.

What Services Do Fishing Boat Charters Offer?

Fishing boat charters offer different services to cater to the different interests that people have. Some of these services include:

Inshore and Coastal Fishing

Inshore fishing is a great experience. This is where the boat doesn’t go too far from land and provides the experience of fishing closer to the shores. It is perfect for people who want to ease in and get used to the waters before going to the deep waters.

It involves the use of small boats and doesn’t require you to invest in any heavy equipment. Coastal fishing on the other hand is done while the person is onshore it doesn’t require the use of boats.

Offshore Fishing

There are several differences between offshore fishing and inshore fishing.  Offshore fishing involves going deeper into the waters to find different fish species and catch a few of them in the process.

Offshore typically involves going for a long-distance until you cannot see any land. It is best suited to people who have no problem being in the water and have no issues with seasickness.

Tournament Fishing

This involves the participation of a group of people interested in competitive fishing. They get split into groups with different boats and compete to see which team catches the highest number of fish.

Twilight Fishing

Twilight fishing involves going out to fish when the sun is on the horizon about to set. It offers clients a great view and also allows them to catch rare species of fish that only come out during that period.


There are different fishing boat charter services for you to offer that will make your client’s experiences amazing.

With the statistics above, you can see there’s room for more people and more money to be made to grow the industry. To ensure you do a great job, pay attention to the industry trends, and always work on improving your services.