Facts you need to about  royalty-free images

Royalty free images

Royalty-free is a type of license used by stock photography agencies to sell stock images. The support is issued to permit the buyer to use the image multiple ways at a one-time, flat fee.

Note when you pay the little cost, you are entitled to use the image forever in numerous ways without requiring payment or obligations.

The main feature of royalty-free images

Now we have defined what royalty-free images are; it is essential to note the rights that apply to them. Keep in mind that each stock agency  have their license terms here are the most common royalty-free images terms


The license is only entitled to the buyer. The buyer is not allowed to share it, resell it, or gift it to anyone.


Royalty-free images can be entitled to many people who acquire the license to use them. Ideally, this means that even if you buy the image and are authorized the license, another person can still purchase the same image and be entited to the right, and both of you will not be infringed on the copyright issues.


Once you have purchased the royalty-free images license, you can use the image as many times as you want. Keep it in your mind; there is no limitation associated with usage unless the agency has specified the license use as once.


Royalty-free images allow the buyer to use the image anywhere in the world without limitation unless the agency has specified the use of royalty-free images (RF image) in a specific geographic location.

Who is allowed to use the royalty-free images

There are two types of royalty-free images licenses this includes:

  1. Editorial RF licenses
  2. Commercial RF linceses

Editorial royalty-free images licenses

Editorial royalty-free images licenses are more restrictive than commercial licenses; this means that whenever you pay for the privilege, you will be allowed to use the right for editorial purposes only forever. The buyer can enhance or illustrate the image in print or text on any digital platform. However, some agencies allow the distribution of the royalty-free images

Image, but also put them into a limit of reproduction of around 250000 copies.

Commercial royalty-free licenses.

Commercialroyalty-free licenses are widely accepted uses. The buyer can sell practically, print, advertise, post on the website, publish the design, or print it on the house. Sadly, some limitations apply to this, according to the agency. Most of theroyalty-free image agencies limit the reproduction to a maximum of 249,000.

  • Note using stock images on book, prints, magazines, t-shirts, packaging, and much more is mot allowed. To do this, you are required to purchase a premium package to extend the license
  • Extended royalty-free licenses give the buyer the right to for reproduction or print photos for resale. Also, note that there is no limitation to multimedia distributions.

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