Established businesses share how self storage contributes to business growth

The number of start-ups and small businesses in the United Kingdom has risen to record levels.

This means there are countless entrepreneurs following their dreams, calculating their budgets and investing their profits. In order for a business to grow, hours of dedication and commitment are needed.

Self storage has become a popular choice for both start-ups, established SMEs and large businesses who identify the opportunity to grow by taking advantage of the security, affordability, convenience and space offered by self storage.

Self storage can be a tremendous boost for your business, helping to leverage growth and removing the risk of expanding property size. It can help to grow your business by providing a safe space to store your precious belongings, use as office space, save money on rent, and improve productivity by reducing clutter.

Flexible and conveniently located self storage unitremoves logistical pressures, giving the business owner more time to focus on growing their business profits and influence.

Let’s look at two examples of this.

Storing vital business tools

Lumisi, a brand communications agency best known for events and exhibition services, has been storing the materials of exhibiting companies for almost two decades. It got to a point where clutter was getting in the way of productivity and disrupting their organisation. When they heard of a leading self storage company’s flexible storage units through a supplier, they were given the opportunity to simplify their business and improve profitability.

Lumisi has enjoyed the benefits of complete peace of mind as they store exhibition materials including pull-ups, pop-ups, literature, giveaways and promotional products at their secure self storage unit.

Richard Tallis, Key Account Manager at Lumisi said thechanging nature of events and exhibitions meant the company was never sure what type of materials they would be provided with next. “This means that a flexible space is important to our business. With secure self storage we have found a storage space that is adaptable to our changing needs, both in size as well as timeframe. This has provided us with a chance to grow our business and services to new clients without the risk of hiring or buying larger premises.’’

Keeping your business belongings safe

Look Good Feel Better (LGFB) is a cancer support charity that has been running since 1994. The charity helps people fighting the disease feel more confident about themselves by providing group pamper therapy sessions for women and teenagers, and grooming sessions for men. Due to the lack of storage space on their premises, LGFB store their belongings at a self storage store in Epsom.

Sarah Lenson, Executive Assistant at LGFB, said it was LGFB’s priority to help people at one of the most vulnerable point in their lives. “Having an affordable self storage space that provides excellent service is a huge help in achieving the company’s goal,” she said.

These case studies illustrate how self storage can help diverse companies achieve their goals by providing a solution to the need for storage. Self storage works alongside your business goals in order to provide a safe, secure and cost-effective space for your business belongings, allowing for the opportunity to improve profit margins, productivity and growth.