Essential ways to maintain your health when having a nine-to-five office job

Essential ways to maintain your health when having a nine-to-five office job _1

Having a nine-to-five job can give you a really hard time when it comes to your both mental and physical well-being.

Staying healthy when working a full-time job can seem like an extra chore that you have to take care of because of the fact that you lack the time and the motivation to stress about your health when you have so many tasks to deal with at your workplace.

In this busy modern world, we all focus on having a successful career which brings us many financial benefits but we forget about the importance of taking care of our health meanwhile and we end up having health problems which only stops us from being more productive and work more efficiently.

You have to realize that maintaining your well-being while working a full-time job is not that complicated, you just have to start using small but incredibly healthy habits which will become part of your everyday routine without making you feel like you have to make an extra effort.

Have breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day in order to have the boost of energy that you need to deal with all the tasks of your day. Most of the people forget about the importance of having breakfast because they are late for work so they have a strong coffee instead, thinking that this is going to help them to have the necessary energy until they have their lunch break to have a proper meal. In order to have enough time for breakfast at home try to wake up a little bit earlier than you did before and prepare a healthy meal with foods such as eggs, vegetables, fruits, yogurt, and cereals. Once you see the positive influence that it will have on your productivity at work, you will realize the importance of this habit. 

Stressing about the deadlines won’t help you

Deadlines are awful when you are at work and your boss keeps on nagging you about completing the tasks as soon as possible. You start to feel overwhelmed about all the documents that you need to take care of and the large amount of work that you have for that day and you feel like your heart and head is about to explode.

However, you need to be aware that stress is not going to help you complete the task faster or better. It will actually only stop you from being productive and you will end up with a mood that will make you hate your job.

Stress is a really serious actual problem which all the employees have to deal with because it can lead to more serious health problems such as sleeping problems, anxiety, and depression.

So, take it easy! Meditation can be a tool that you can use in order to relieve stress when you feel like you can not focus anymore. find a private space and meditate for a few minutes to clear your mind and get your thoughts in order.

Use the spare time for your well-being

Even if you feel pressured about the deadline of the important project which you are working for, you should absolutely not use your spare time to work more than the full-time job that you have. Your free time should only be about relaxing, spending time with your loved ones, and doing things that you enjoy. In order to give your mind time to rest and be productive again, you need to use the spare time for practicing your hobbies which are going to relax you and develop your creativity. 

Take often short breaks 

When working a nine-to-five job, working on the computer and sitting on the chair in an uncomfortable position for such a long time is going to cause you serious health problems if you do not protect yourself. First of all, taking often short breaks is a must to maintain your health. Even if it is just for a minute, take your eyes off of the computer and look at the window, stand up and stretch.

Moreover, you should be aware of the fact that you should wear protective eyeglasses for the computer which should include an anti-reflective coating to protect your eyes from getting eye strain.

Also, sitting down for too long can leave you with many health problems such as back pain, the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure. If you cannot stand as much as possible while you are at work, you definitely should get an ergonomic office chair which allows you to tailor the support and resistance according to your needs.

Do not skip lunchtime

Having a fixed eating schedule is important for a balanced diet to maintain your health. No matter how busy you are at work, you definitely should not skip lunchtime in order to finish your tasks. 

Create a wellness corner on your office

In order to have a positive mood which will boost your productivity, you need to have a healthy and prosperous environment. Apart from maintaining your office clean and well-organized, you can decorate it with items that make you feel good such as a photo frame with photos of your loved ones, your pet or your favorite place, a plant which will give you a fresh and pleasant air or notepads with your favorite or motiving quotes. 

Get proper night sleep 

Having a proper night sleep is essential for your brain to work efficiently. You definitely need to give your body and mind the time to get the necessary rest after a long day at work. Avoid spending too much time online, outside, watching Tv or doing anything that can distract you from going to bed at an acceptable hour for you to get enough sleep.

However, if you have sleeping problems because of the stress or the chaotic sleeping schedule that you got used to, you should start practicing some stress relief natural methods such as meditating, aromatherapy or exercising before the sleeping time and get your body used to be ready for sleep at a more reasonable hour.