Environmentally aware options when constructing oil reservoirs

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If you are familiar with the oil industry, you may know what a horizontal well is, or have at least heard of the term before.

If not, allow me to explain. The horizontal well is a type of directional drilling technique used to extract gas or oil from places that would usually be difficult to reach. It is a relatively new method, coming into prominence in the last decade or so and thus it is one of the most environmentally sound and efficient ways to allow for safe extraction and maintenance. You can follow thisguide for more information and benefits.

How does it work

How exactly does the drilling company do this? Well it is done using a technique called horizontal drilling” This is the term given to the method in which a directional drill creates oil wells and extracts oil in an environmentally safe way. This is a step away from the more traditional vertical drilling technique. To help visual learners with some context, you can see this useful visual example of when such a method would be used.

Why would you use this method? Well, (if you’ll forgive the pun) put simply, it can offer more range and hit targets that the vertical method cannot. It has more of a reach and can offer a more extensive and broad range of operation. They are also used to install gas lines that need to travel under bridged and rivers, making it a very useful method of oil and gas extraction in tough conditions.

Pease of mind and environmental protection

This drilling method is used as a method of environmental mediation”. Among other things, this practice is used to clean contaminated soil and eliminate radiation. This means that the customer that avails of such a drilling method can be aware that the method used is environmentally friendly and will have a positive effect on the environment, as well as offering the benefits listed above.

Here you can find an example of one such horizontal drilling company. On this site you can see detailed descriptions of why they do what they do, and also exactly how, along with detailed diagrams of how the directional drill will be used and its commitment to safe environmental mediation.

The uses of a horizontal drill

A specific section of the above website is dedicated to listing the many uses of the horizontal drill. It can be used for many different sites and needs, including water lines, oil and gas lines, and sewage lines. All done with a conscious awareness of environmental protection.

The horizontal drill is part of the new age of environmental mediation and is a valued asset to the natural resource industries.