Electronic cigarette sales soar as governments persuade move from tobacco


For the past 6 years, electronic cigarette sales have seen a rapid increase, with the Euro Monitor expecting it to hit $34 billion by the year 2021.

This rise in sales can be attributed to the growing popularity of the e-cigs amongst the youth and the encouragement by the European governments for their citizens to take up vaping as a means to control tobacco cigarette smoking.

The UK government and Public Health England for instance, have been at the forefront in encouraging their citizens to take up vaping as it is a safer means of smoking.

This encouragement by the government on the use of electronic cigarettes has seen an equal rise in e-cig manufacturers in the UK, with each brand claiming to produce the best products in the market. As a vaper, it is therefore, necessary that you go through product reviews as a way to make the best choices when making your purchase.

Some of  the best brands in the UK include the following as ranked from the top:

  1. V 2cigs
  2. Apollo
  3. Jac Vapour
  4. Vaporfi
  5. Epuffer

These brands have been ranked according to thorough review and analysis by e-cig experts and user feedback. Their products have been tested and careful considerations given to each brand depending on various aspects of their products which include the following:

Battery performance

The battery strength of an e-cig usually determines the amount of vapor that is exhaled and the throat hit that is felt by the vaper. High performing batteries give the user a good amount of vapor as soon as it is inhaled. Longer lasting batteries are also an important factor.

Nicotine levels

Different brands offer different amounts of nicotine levels. There are those who offer only two options of nicotine levels while some offer multiple varieties thus giving different throat hits.


The V 2 brand of e-cigs has been known to offer up to 14 different e-liquid flavors which make it a popular brand amongst vapers. Their flavors also come in as small as 10ml bottles, which makes them affordable to everyone. V 2 cig flavors are also manufactured in house which makes them of better quality. This is a very important factor to consider.


If you are a seasoned e-cigarette user, then price shouldn’t really matter to you more than quality of the product that you are purchasing. Different brands may offer you attractive prices for their products, but, in the end, the value of that product is what will matter most. Quality products usually cost more, but, will ensure you have the best vaping experience.

Money back Guarantee

Buying something when you are not really sure of it is always a difficult decision to make and it really helps when you are offered a warranty or money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with what you have bought.

Customer service

Excellent customer service usually goes a long way in ensuring brands get to retain their customers. As a consumer it is important for you to seek a brand that will always answer any questions that you may have concerning their products. The brands listed above offer the best customer services in the market.

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