Don’t let the bed bugs bite

Upholstered bed

Looking for pest control for bed bugs? Then you have come to the right place!

We will be explaining all of the options you have when trying to tackle these nasty critters.

What is a bed bug?

Bed bugs are oval shaped creatures that grow to around 6mm, which is a similar size to an apple seed. They are often a ruddy brown colour and have strong legs, allowing them to travel vertically up a variety of surfaces. They also lay numerous eggs at a time, cementing them in cracks or crevices that are then not visible by the naked eye. This is how the infestation begins! They are also excellent at latching on to hosts (you or I!) and travelling to many different locations such as hotels, hostels or neighbouring properties, meaning the infestation grows.

Why do I need pest control for bed bugs?

Without the intervention of a pest control company, these blood sucking creatures will become a real nuisance, leaving their hosts with nasty red, itchy welts and disturbed sleep. It is also a problem for many hotel and B&B owners who need to uphold a reputation and with a bed bug infestation this really does have an impact on their businesses.  Many companies report a loss of customers and an increase in negative reviews when they are experiencing a bed bug infestation which is why it is essential to act fast before the spread continues.

What are the pest control options for bed bugs?

For a suspected bed bug infestation we would strongly recommend contacting a trained and licensed company that specialises in the removal of bed bugs. There are two main pest control options for bed bugs which are:

  • Bed Bug Heat treatment– This is a chemical free method of eradicating bed bugs that has an excellent success rate. Not only is this kinder on the environment but it is kinder on your home too, with many residents returning to their normal day to day life straight after the treatment. The process works by heating up the environment to around 60 degrees Celsius. This ensures bed bugs of every stage, including eggs, are destroyed. This method can be so effective, only one treatment is often required.
  • Insecticide treatment- This is another popular pest control option for bed bugs that can be extremely effective when administered by a reputable company. There are a few different types of chemicals that are used such as a contact insecticide that would treat surfaces that are touched frequently as well as a dust and residual insecticide that would be used inside furniture, cracks and crevices. This type of treatment may require multiple visits depending on the severity of the infestation.

What not to do when you suspect a case of bed bugs

  • Do not panic! We are here to help and provide the expertise to remove these pests.
  • Do not move furniture into different rooms or areas of your property as this could increase the spread.
  • Do not try to make homemade insecticides as this could be incredibly dangerous for your health. Always call a licensed professional that can come and fully inspect your property and provide you with a range of options for treatment.
  • Do not throw away your furniture! We can treat this!

Always remember there are many pest control options for bed bugs and there are professionals available to help you out if you suspect an infestation. Don’t panic! Call the experts and we can take it from there!