Davinci MIQRO Vs Davinci IQ | Which Is Best?


With manufacturers set to release the Davinci MIQROthis summer, vape lovers are wondering whether the investment is worth their money – especially when the MIQRO’s predecessor, the Davinci IQ, already received positive reviews and boasted of an impressive digitalised design and taste-the-difference vapour.

Most will immediately be drawn in by the MIQRO’s low price-tag, which is nearly half the cost of the IQ – but does this mean the Davinci manufacturers have made a lower grade product? To help you weigh up your options, we’ve compared the vaporizers under themes to consider before you purchase.

Davinci MIQRO Vs Davinci IQ

Device Size and Weight

When looking for a portable vaporizer, you want to be sure it won’t feel so heavy it’s inconvenient to carry around. One selling point for the DaVinci MIQRO then is that it is much lighter than the IQ. While the MIQRO weighs in at 3.53 oz, the IQ comes to a much weightier total of 5oz.

The DaVinci MIQRO is also 33% smaller than the IQ. The exact measurements are 1.34″ W x 3.13″ H x 0.91″ D for the DaVinci MIQRO and 1.65″ W x 3.54″ H x 0.94″ D for the IQ. Essentially this means that both are small enough to fit in your bag or place into a pocket. However, the MIQRO just provides a slightly lighter and sleeker model.

Winner: MIQRO

Charging Time

If you want speedy-charging from your vaporizer, you’re better off picking the MIQRO. The MIQRO takes between 1.5 to two hours charge, while the IQ takes a full three hours. While this may well be down to the additional digital features of the DaVinci IQ (more on this later!), the MIQRO is still the clear winner for this particular aspect.

Winner: MIQRO

Heat-Up Time

While the MIQRO wins on the charging front, the heat-up time for the MIQRO is over double as long as the IQ. The DaVinci MIQRO takes 39 seconds in comparison to the 16 seconds it takes the IQ. However, keep bearing in mind that the DaVinci IQ is also over double the price!

Winner: IQ

Vapour Quality

After its release, the DaVinci IQ was praised by customers for its pure vapour taste. It used zirconium ceramic in its mouthpieces and air path rather than other materials like plastic to ensure the material could not contaminate the vapour. This same strategy is taken over onto the Davinci MIQRO at a much lower price. Moreover, the MIQRO has an added bonus: an adjustable oven. This enables users to create quality while saving on herbs.

Winner: MIQRO

Digital Features

The IQ provides light over 51 LEDs to help customers precisely control their temperature and smart paths. Furthermore, the DaVinci IQ can be controlled remotely by a compatible Bluetooth app. The MIQRO is much less advanced in this sense. It provides three control options, and the manufacturers have not mentioned whether it is compatible with mobile apps. Still, the three options on the MIQRO are enough to provide users with accurate control over temperature and smart paths. The MIQRO is therefore perfect if you wish to ensure you can vape at a temperature that suits you best, without going overboard on fancy digitalisation features.

Winner: IQ


The Davinci IQ list a whole host of extras:USB charging cable, alcohol wipes, chimney brush, keychain tool, 10mm adapter, carry can, a 10-year warranty, an option to engrave the vape and a choice of three colours.

The MIQRO, on the other hand, is not advertised with such list. As yet, there are seemingly no warranties for MIQROs, no engraving options and no extra gadgets. Naturally, this is likely a result of the low-cost piece. Still, the DaVinci MIQRO tries its best to offer what it can under the price restriction by providing a choice of 5 colours.

Winner: IQ

The Winner Is…

Rounding up then, while Davinci IQ manufacturers deliver on their promises for more intelligent design and better-quality vapour, the release of their new MIQRO may be set to overshadow the IQ. Perhaps the most significant factors in this is that the zirconium ceramic, which is only used in the mouthpiece in the DaVinci IQ, has now had its use extended to the inner body or air flow system.

Of course, the higher quality material used in these devices, the cleaner and purer the vapour will taste. Although the MIQRO does not – as yet – appear to be compatible with any mobile applications, provide a warranty or other useful extra, the slashed price-tag does reflect this. So, if you only care about the taste of your vapour, the DaVinci MIQRO is the way to go.