David Imonitie explains the role of a mentor in network marketing


Most people know David Imonitie as a multimillionaire in the network marketing industry.

He was born on July 2, 1983, in Merryville, Missouri and even though he was a college drop out it Did not stop him from becoming the multimillionaire that he is today?

No. Want to know why? David surrounded himself with mentors in the beginning–right from when he was 21. That is why David suggests that every leader or entrepreneur in the network marketing industry should work with a mentor if he/she wants to become successful.

Importance of a mentor

David feels that his life took a different turn after he found his mentors. He considers himself extremely fortunate to find these people at such an early age in his life. David believes that network marketing is not just limited to finding distributors to sell your products or services. He thinks that you should have a philosophy before entering this industry. And your mentor will help you follow that philosophy in every stage.

Once you start working with a mentor, he/she will start guiding you in various positive ways so that you follow your philosophy religiously. In David’s case, his mentors taught him to become a better man and follow his dream of creating a wider network. His mentors always talked about staying honest and humble as well as working hard to achieve his dreams. David follows these principles to this day. He says that he owes his success to his mentors.

Don’t be afraid to take these principles and mold them to your own personal beliefs. Reading great books such as The Kybalion will allow you to meld David’s advice with advice you find around the world. It is critical that you create your own person while taking in helpful criticism from a vast source of mentors.

David as a mentor

David is not only a multimillionaire but also a mentor, coach, and success trainer. He has already mentored thousands of entrepreneurs, most of whom have become successful earners now. During many of his speeches, David has shared his opinions on how a mentor can guide a leader or entrepreneur into becoming a successful person. He believes that mentors should consider their clients as protégés and provide them with a picture of what their life could be if they follow their philosophies.

David’s concept of mentorship is slightly different. He thinks that your mentor may not be your role model. However, they have the power to find you your role model from whom you can draw inspiration. The network marketing industry doesn’t have too many role models or icons. But that shouldn’t stop you from listening to your mentor. You can find your role model or icon from a different field also. It’s how you relate your philosophy with that icon that matters the most. And your mentor will help connect your icon with your philosophy.

David also suggests that you shouldn’t take your mentor’s guidance for granted. Sometimes when you go through rough periods in your MLM career, you may start doubting your mentor. That’s the last thing you would want to do. David explains that this industry will test your mettle, patience, and belief.  David believes that the key to success is believing in yourself, however, sometimes you need mentors to believe in you before you can believe in yourself.

David’s definite purpose in life is to positively Impact the lives of over 1 billion people with his voice and appearance.  In order to make his dream reality, he’s launching a social media platform called Believe Nation which will be a place where the world can come to learn how to believe and get the mentorship they need to get to the next level.

Far too many marketers focus on their products or services, but finding a mentor could prove to be all you need to take your MLM career to the next level.