Custom jewellery ideas for a classy wedding

wedding Jewellery

Your wedding day is probably the most important day of your life and all of us dream to have a perfect wedding.

It is something that all of us look forward to and spend a lot of time preparing for because you want to look your best on that day. Right from the decorations, the reception menu, the guest list, the dress, make up and even the jewellery is well thought of and decided on. Although a plethora of readymade bridal wedding jewellery is available in the market which are nothing less than stunning, having your jewellery customized gives a personal touch to the wedding. Not only will customized jewellery satisfy your taste but will also give you a slightly offbeat yet elegant look which everyone will admire and remember. Here are a few ideas on how you can customize your wedding jewellery.

Play with pearls

Pearls are beautiful white gemstones that match perfectly with the white wedding dress. They are believed to bring wellness and peace to those who wear them and maybe that’s the reason why most brides wear pearls on their wedding day. Not only does pearl jewellery exhibit elegance but it also adds a rustic touch in a subtle way which looks extremely classy.Instead of the traditional pearl drop earrings you can opt for a pearl ear cuff or ear climber with crystal embellishments. Since choker necklaces are trending you could get a layered pearl choker neckpiece made and wear them as a solitary necklace. You can also choose to customize your wedding head band by adding pearls to it along with silver or gold plated metal designs.

Add some color

Multicolored mismatched jewellery has become very popular these days where people choose to adorn themselves with a mix and match of different colored gemstones. However, when it comes to color and weddings we suggest you choose one color instead of many which will end up looking very chaotic. There many colored gemstones available that you can choose from. If your skin tone is cool and the color of your veins is more towards blue then a blue sapphire would look best and if you have a warm skin tone with greenish veins then the green emeralds would suit you best. It’s not necessary to stick to emeralds and sapphire, you can opt for a fiery ruby, a pink morganite, an amethyst or a topaz to customize your jewellery with. If you want to wear metal then we suggest platinum or silver toned jewellery for cool skin tones and rose gold or yellow gold for warm skin tones.

Clustered diamonds

Clustering stones basically means using different shapes of stones within a single ornament.  It’s a recent trend and is especially popular with diamonds because it looks gorgeous. The fun part is that you get to choose the shape and cut of your clustered diamond jewellery when you customize it for your wedding day. You can incorporate the clustered diamond trend in your wedding band, your bracelet or necklace and also couple it with a gold toned, silver toned or rose gold metal framework.The diamonds used can range from marquise cut to an oval to a round brilliant cut which when put together especially in a wedding ring look absolutely timeless. Make sure you head to the Hatton Garden Jewellers, who are experts in diamonds, to know more about customized clustered diamond jewellery.

Designer hoop earrings

Many women do not consider hoop earrings as something that can be worn on your wedding day, but of late the trend of wearing bridal designer hoop earrings has been picking up pace. You can customize a statement hoop earring which not only looks trendy but also complements many wedding dress necklines such as the off shoulder, v- neck and the sweetheart neckline. You choose form a hugging hoop, a small double hoop, large hoops or a series of hoops whichever suits your face cut. You can also add white crystal or colorful crystal embellishments to make it stand out.

Thick diamond bracelets

While wearing a tennis bracelet on your wrist for your wedding day is a classic option, it can be quite rewarding if you choose to stand out by wearing a wide diamond bracelet. You can design your own bracelet depending on your choice. You can have a thick silver toned metal bangle with diamonds studded all over it or opt for more show of the metal with diamonds interrupting the metal continuity. Alternatively you can choose clustered diamonds arranged in a thick bracelet fashion which makes a statement. The professionals at Hatton Garden Jewellers can help you select and design your own customized diamond bracelet.

Signet rings and stacked rings

Rings are an important part of the wedding. Stacking different bands to form a ring has gained a lot of popularity in the recent past. You can mix and match the metal and stones to make this ornament look interesting. You can choose a pave diamond band and mix it up with a gold toned metal band or a platinum band. The sparkling diamond along with the polished metal will not only look tasteful and sophisticated but also grab the attention of the audience. On the other hand, you can also opt for a customized signet ring. Usually, signet rings are a popular gift you surprise your loved one with at a honeymoon destination near London, but brides of today have surprised their partners with a signet ring on their wedding day which has the initials of their new name engraved on it. For the wedding you can choose a similar gold toned signet ring and customize it with your new initials in diamond or simply engrave a beautiful design on it to make it stand out. You can also top it off with a colored gemstone of your choice.

Wearing a simple pair of studs with a single pendant necklace on your wedding day is a thing of the past. The modern brides want to stand out and make a statement and the best way to do it is to customize not just your wedding dress but also your wedding jewellery. So take a cue from the above mentioned ideas and customize you wedding jewellery according to your taste.