Cryptocurrency events this 2019 and why you should participate

crypto currency

When people hear about cryptocurrency, they’ll most likely think about it as online money or Bitcoin. As an enthusiast of cryptocurrencies, you already know that it’s not only that.

Whatever crypto it is that you have is considered as a digital asset and this, for some, is their way to earn more money.

There are more than a thousand of cryptocurrencies out there that you can invest in, but we do understand why people only think about Bitcoin when asked about it. Bitcoin is basically the father of all cryptocurrencies, and you need to purchase some of this before you even explore around the world of cryptocurrency.

Different cryptocurrencies are slowly making their names in blockchain networking, and for you to be able to keep up with any updates, it’s either you put yourself in front of the internet the whole day or go out and attend cryptocurrency events.

Why You Should Participate in Cryptocurrency Events

The main purpose of having to go to different cryptocurrency events is to keep yourself updated on the latest trends. Different events have their own ways of doing this. Some would simply have talks from experts, while some add some business and fun to the whole shebang.

Some cryptocurrency events would allow you to have something to invest on during your stay, while some don’t allow any sales and just let investors mingle and learn something new.

There are small and intimate events that you can go to, while there also big events, like… you wouldn’t probably believe it, a music festival!

If you’re planning on backpacking to attend any crypto event, we have you covered. Here are some interesting crypto events all over the world that you can join.

The CryptoConf

The CryptoConf is part of a wide fintech event that is MoneyConf. This event is basically a conference with four sections, and they mainly have talked about upcoming cryptos and possible upcoming competitors of Bitcoin, like Ether.

The next event that they have will be on June 19-20, 2019 in Dublin, Ireland. Their four main conference sections are the following:

  • Blockchain Technology – this has something to do with how Blockchains will affect financial institutions like banks and other commercial sectors.
  • Cryptocurrencies – this section of their conference allows you to be in the know of any upcoming cryptos before they even become mainstream.
  • FinTech – this is where you can get updates about innovative financial solutions.
  • Cryptocurrency Compliance – this is where experts on crypto compliance share their tips and some reasons why you should or should not accept cryptocurrencies.

Our Music Festival (OMF)

For this, you have to stay tuned as to when and where the next one will be. However, this event is worth sharing as this is the first of its kind. It probably has set the grounds for other upcoming crypto-based festivals too.

OMF seems like your typical music festival with a line-up of several well-known artists. This event promotes cryptocurrencies and why people should start investing. A lot of critics see this as a smart move because music festivals target millennials, the group of people who are most likely to invest in cryptocurrencies.

Last year’s act features Zedd, Big Sean, and 3Lau. Aside from them, this event showcased a big QR code confetti drop. The QR codes could be used on the OMF app where goers can exchange them for different perks.

If you plan on going to OMF this year, be sure to have cryptos available because you’ll have to use some to buy yourself and your friends some tickets.


London blockchain networking is also becoming huge, now that multiple crypto events are actually held there each year. Coinscrum offers a very detailed look at the fintech scenes.

This is usually a small meetup session for crypto enthusiasts in small pubs in London. They started doing this in 2012 and has already held more than 200 events as of today. They have innovative thought leaders and blockchain specialists invited to participate in the event.

What’s also good is that their events are for free. They only usually have less than one hundred attendees so if you’re all for a small crowd, this is a good place to start.

They have events scheduled for the month of April, May, and June. All you need to do is to register and attend.

Of course, an event in the big apple shouldn’t be left out. Consensus is an event from CoinDesk. They have an upcoming event in the month of May 2019.

This is a good place to go to if you want to hear professionals and crypto giants give a talk about different blockchains and how this technology can be applied in the real world.

CoinDesk gathers a big crowd and estimates to have about 10,000 attendees. Their more than 200 guest speakers and sponsors will surely satisfy the questions both crypto enthusiasts and beginners have about the blockchain ecosystem.