Covid-19 Pandemic is Changing the Digital Currency Future

The world is changing more now and at a faster pace than ever before. The pandemic has affected millions of people around the world and has had the most impact on people from every background throughout the globe.

Unfortunately, the pandemic has caused many brick and mortar businesses to shut down or lay off their staff. At the end of the day, we’ve seen numerous amounts of individuals and businesses take to the internet in an effort to sustain a living or to build new online based revenue streams. Economies are being stretched to their limits and beyond. We are all living in a new era. Life may never go back the way it was. Is that a bad thing?

Through adversity comes change. Sometimes this change is needed to propel people and industry to a better place. A place where everyone has an opportunity to thrive, not just a select few.

One company leading the way for change is Fabriik, who are building the first digital asset marketplace where anyone from every walk of life can access financial technology and have an opportunity to do something positive. Not only access it but use it to change their lives and the lives of their family. Only the elite, rich, affluent and powerful had this kind of resource until now. Fabriik is leveling the playing field and helping to increase access to everyone.

“We took a step back and we said we can actually change the world. It’s rare to be at a place in time in an industry with the tools, to do something that is globally changing,” said Roy Bernhard. He is the CEO and Chief Visionary for Fabriik.

What this means for the person who only has a small amount of money to invest weekly or monthly is that they can get involved in digital asset trading and savings at any level. A schoolteacher in Africa or the farmer in Iowa can buy digital assets with their fiat currency then trade one type for another depending on their interest in the available assets. All the while trying to build value and actually having control over their investments.

Imagine a day where a person in one country can send a digital currency payment to someone in another country in real time for a fraction of a cent. That day has come. Digital assets and currencies are no longer being considered the future, they are already here and available now. Businesses all over the world have begun accepting digital assets for payment making it a true global payment system.

With tools and services offered by companies like Fabriik, growth and adoption is potentially limitless. New assets are being created almost daily. Faster speeds and lower costs are being achieved for transactions of all sizes. The best is yet to come.