Corporate Tour to Nice: Group Activities and Things to Do

Bienvenue à Nice, voyageurs! Do you have an upcoming Corporate Tour in this beautiful town on the French Riviera? Wondering what activities you can do with the rest of the team?

Bienvenue à Nice, voyageurs! Do you have an upcoming Corporate Tour in this beautiful town on the French Riviera? Wondering what activities you can do with the rest of the team?

Well, fortunately for you all, there is a lot you can do when visiting Nice. With glistening blue waters and all-year-long beautiful weather, you can imagine that a good number of the activities and things to do will be related to the beach – there are also a lot of things to do for those who don’t like getting covered in sand! So, make sure to pack your sunscreen, a cool pair of shades and a can-do attitude and you are almost set to have the perfect corporate trip.

But, before we go over all the fun activities in Nice, we should first discuss how you’ll get from the airport. By pre-booking an airport transfer, the most reputable in the region being AtoB’s Nice Airport transfer service, you can guarantee a stress-free trip from the airport all the way to your accommodation. With a wide range of vehicles, also including large van options for big groups, AtoB is guaranteed to have exactly what you need. Even better, is the ability AtoB provides you to personalise your airport transfer. This can be done with the inclusion of one of their many extra add-ons, one of which is the addition of extra luggage, which is perfect for those travelling heavy.

Now, let’s have a look at all the team-building group activities and things to do in Nice, France!

Food & Wine Pairing

We’re pretty sure you all know how famous the French are for their cuisine. Well, Nice is no exception. What makes Nice even more special is its proximity to the ocean, which means aside from the many meat dishes famous in the rest of France, here seafood is a big deal. You can book a guided walking tour to a number of establishments in the area with your group, and experience every single culinary morsel available on the French Riviera. What’s even better, you can get food and wine pairing for each dish, which will be carefully selected by the sommelier. With an AtoB airport taxi, you can get a cab to the centre of the town and start your food tour ASAP.

Yacht Trip

If you and the team would rather relax on a luxury yacht, that can also be organised. A large number of companies provide the service, all of whom will offer a unique experience. Some also offer team-building exercises on the yacht itself. Fortunately all the yachts come equipped with a full crew of seamen, meaning you won’t have to worry about navigating the yacht itself. Hopefully you aren’t too much of a landlubber, though, as you’ll definitely need your sea legs to fully appreciate this trip. To get from the Nice airport to the port, book an airport transfer, and you and your team can get to the yacht calm and relaxed.

Whitewater Rafting

Does an adrenaline rush feel like more of a team-building exercise to you? Well, by booking a whitewater rafting trip with your team, you can definitely build some important skills. By assigning each team member to a different role, you can instil responsibility and strengthen the bond between each member, who will have to work together in order to safely get through the rapids. This activity is usually preferred by younger teams, although we believe that people of every age can fully enjoy it! You can book an AtoB airport transfer up into the Southern French Alps for this activity, which can get the entire team there together.

Guided Walking Tour

It doesn’t all have to be about extreme sports and water-related activities. If you prefer something that is more accessible to your entire team, a walking tour around the city is the perfect option, as you can set the pace and add as many stops along the way as you want. Walking through the old streets of Nice, with the sun shining down sounds like the perfect way to spend the day. A professional tour guide will be able to provide you with some local information on the region, as well as some fun stories on the folklore and legends which surround it. What is also professional, is AtoB’s airport taxi, which can get your to the city centre in a heartbeat (or, well, close enough). Don’t forget to book one.

Segway Rides around the City

Don’t feel like doing a lot of walking during your corporate trip? That’s understandable. If you prefer zipping around on a Segway, you can book a guided tour with a professional, who will also teach all your team members how to safely operate the Segway. Most providers usually offer a wide range of different routes, some through the city, others on the coastal promenade. You can even choose to book a longer tour and see a bit of both. Why not? These trips will also offer stops along the way, where you can sit and enjoy some lunch or a coffee – wine isn’t recommended! If you need assistance getting to the Segway office, book a Nice airport taxi cab, which will drop you off directly at the front door.

Axe Throwing?

Looking to let off some pent-up anger during your team trip? What could possibly let off more steam than lobbing sharp axes at a target? It’s like darts but with a lethal weapon! The anger may not be related to work, but its always helpful to let your team blow off some steam. If you are concerned with safety, you don’t need to be. Every Axe Throwing establishment is required to offer first-time visitors a 15 minute safety course. This will keep everyone safe. To get to the city centre, where these kinds of establishments are located, you can book an airport transfer either directly to one, or just to the city centre, it is up to you.

Pub & Bar Crawls

We have gone over a lot of day activities – what about activities for the evening and night? Well, a Nicoise bar crawl will be sure to bring your team together. Although it will require quite a bit of walking, having a glass of wine (or maybe a cocktail, or two) at numerous bars in the city, you get the opportunity not only to see Nice at night, you can always enjoy the bar scene. The best part: if you get a little tipsy, you can book a cab with AtoB, and get back to your hotel!

So, in brief, this is Nice. Although it would be impossible to provide you with a guide that covered absolutely everything, we hope this guide has piqued your interest in visiting the region with your team. The combination of sun and fun is sure to bring your team much closer, and by adding activities such as these mentioned above, you will return back to the office feeling much more connected, ready to take on new challenges. By dealing with your transportation beforehand, namely through the booking of an AtoB airport taxi, you ensure that there will be precisely zero stress during your trip. Happy travels and enjoy!