Composing a successful motivation essay

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Studying at any education institution is an essential part of young people’s life.

It gives them an opportunity to build a successful career in the future and become seasoned professionals using knowledge they have gained while studying. Choosing an educational institution, applicants are guided by their preferences trying to enter the university/college/business school they are dreaming of. That’s exactly when a motivation essay becomesthe bottom line for every applicant.

Not each applicant has particular writing skills necessary for composing a successful motivation essay, that’s exactly why more and more of them apply for help to special writing companies where applicants can get an academic essay example and get their paper composed for them in a short order. Applying for help to advanced companies, applicants leave their problems behind getting a unique paper composed by real experts. Anyways, it’s worth being aware of some recommendations required for writing a good motivation essay.

Motivation Essay: Dos And Don’ts

So what should you do when composing a motivation essay? And what should you avoid doing? Here are a few helpful tips for you.


  • write a draft where you will highlight all the necessary points you have to include in your essay;
  • make sure you are satisfied with the final version of your draft before getting down to composing an original essay;
  • visit the website of an educational institution you apply for in order to read all the recommendations and requirements you have to follow;
  • ask your relatives/friends/teachers to read your essay and tell you what you have to correct;
  • make sure your essay has no grammatical, logical or punctuation mistakes.


  • don’t write too long words and sentences as well as avoid using terms which are hard for understanding;
  • avoid using slang words, sexist or jargon language;
  • don’t write too many unnecessary details intended to make your essay longer;
  • avoid overplaying your achievements and coming up with false information;
  • don’t neglect checking your paper for plagiarism or grammatical, punctuation, logical mistakes;
  • don’t delay composing your essay.

Things To Write About

If you want to impress an admission board and make your essay stand out, then it’s worth thinking on the way to show yourself in the best possible light. You have to prove an admission board you are a goal-oriented person, but how is it possible to leave a deep impression by means of an essay?

  1. Skills and achievements

An admission board is interested whether you have some skillswhich will help you during the studying process. It’s also worth mentioning your achievements, so include everything you are proud of – successfully passed exams, participation in a certain program, competition, etc. You can also include some things you like doing in your spare time, such like volunteering. In other words, show yourself in the best light in order admission board to see you are a talented, interesting, reliable person.

  1. Hobbies and interests

Write a little about your hobby and the way it can help you become a better student. Your motivation essay will be more convincing and unique if you describe the way your interests or hobbies may help you succeed during the studying process. Try to show an admission board you are a person of many talents.

  1. Experience

Necessarily mention if you have already worked anywhere, undertaken an internship or contributed to the community. Mention skills you have gained while working or undertaking an internship, especially if they will help you during the studying process at a particular educational institution.

5 Steps Towards Success

It is often hard for applicants to figure about the way they should describe themselves. It will be much easier for you to compose a good motivation essaytaking further steps into account:

  1. Determine what character traits will help you succeed during the studying process and when building future career. Describe your strengths giving a few examples on how your traits have helped you achieve your goals.
  2. Determine the skills necessary for becoming the best student at the chosen educational institution. Figure out what skills you have to develop and which ones you already have.
  3. Mention something you want to achieve while studying at given educational institution, the way it will help you progress and become a seasoned professional.
  4. Mention the programs, competitions you have taken part in, it will help you make a better impression on the readers.
  5. Don’t belittle yourself and, at the same time, don’t exalt your virtues. Be honest and fair-minded when composing a motivation essay.

It is suggested you to visit the website of an education institution you’d like to apply for in order to find out as much information about it as possible. It will help you figure out whether this college/university/business school is right for you and whether you have the necessary knowledge for entering it.