Common signage mistakes to avoid


When it comes to designing your sign, one thing that you need to ensure is that your signage stands out.

After all that effort to develop your logo and brand vision, you don’t want to negate your work by having a poorly crafted sign.

When done properly, a good sign can be the most powerful method of announcing your business to the public. However, even if you have designed the best sign, it’s not going to automatically drive customers into your store. Even when it comes to a simple neon open sign, there are common mistakes that can undo your marketing efforts. In this article, we talk about the most common signage mistakes to avoid.  

Not Taking Care of Visual Obstacles

The main aim of hanging a led open sign at your storefront is so that it can be seen. Therefore, there is no use putting it as a background of a lamppost. When choosing the perfect sign location, make sure it’s not obstructed away from passersby. Imagine that you are a viewer and try to look at it from a distance. You should also take into account things like trucks and other vehicles that could block your sign when parked in front of it. Also, consider plants that could one day block the view of your signage after a couple of seasons. Make sure you double-check with the local council authorities to ensure that there are no construction plans near your sign. 


Even if you don’t have friends that attended an art school, you will still remember it from primary school classes. There are two types of colors and these are contrasting and complementary colors. It means that your letters should contrast with the surface upon which they are applied. But this is not to say that your colors should clash. Always ensure that your letter finish or color stands out against the color of the background. It shouldn’t look garish or gaudy.

Using the Wrong Material

Some people make the mistake of thinking that the costliest lettering makes the best sign. However, nothing can be further from the truth. What makes some sign materials to be expensive is that they are made for harsh weather conditions. Others may be made of patina which makes them look very old in only a short time. If none of these is a requirement for your job, there is no reason why you should overpay for your sign lettering. 

Choosing an incorrect size of letters

It’s advisable that before you purchase the letters, you need to measure where you intend to place the signs. This will enable you to size your lettering correctly. Make sure that the negative space around the lettering is balanced.

You may also want to consider using a general rule when it comes to letter height vis-a-viz the viewing distance. 

Poor Readability

Poor readability is a more common signage mistake than you can think of. Usually, it’s brought about by the distance that the public has to view your led open sign. Just like you need to ensure that your couch is at the right distance for you to watch your TV comfortably, your sign must also be of the right distance from those you want to see it

If your letters are gigantic, it won’t be easy for the ground-level pedestrians to make out what is on your sign. On the other hand, advertising on a matchbox is almost guaranteed to be invisible to drivers on a highway. Although these are two extreme examples, they reinforce the fact that your sign needs to be of the right viewing distance.

You also want to take into account the background that’s going to be at the rear of your sign. If, for instance, your sign uses sky-blue writing and then you place it in the air, it could be difficult to read. The rule of thumb is that your sign needs to contrast its surroundings. If you are planning to use a background of natural materials for instance trees, it’s important to take into account the seasonal fluctuations. It helps to keep your ad evergreen.

Don’t Avoid Planning

Planning is crucial when you work with a sign company. You must plan your goals, ideas, and budget as well as installation details to ensure the process proceeds like clockwork. Sketch out everything starting from design specs to even the location. When you do this, you will avoid making rash decisions that could impact the success of your sign.

Poor Installation

For your sign to stand up to harsh weather elements and other unforeseen problems, it’s important that it is properly installed. In case you have a sign with an intricate support system, it’s advisable to consult with a professional to set it up the right way for you. The cost of installing an LED open sign may vary based on many factors, and some of them include the intended location, material, and size of your sign. If the sign is to be attached to a storefront, make sure you know what the lease agreement says to avoid any problems with your landlord.

Choosing the Wrong Manufacturer

When it comes to installing an outdoor sign, one of the most damaging mistakes a business can make is to choose a sign manufacturer with questionable credentials. While you can easily avoid some of the pitfalls we have talked about here, it’s costly to undo the mistake of choosing the wrong sign manufacturer. 

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