Common misconceptions about federal criminal appeals


If there is one thing that Americans love, it is crime shows. The entire television platform is full of them.

From classics like CSI and NCIS to newer ones like Sherlock from across the pond, it seems that we will never run out of crime shows.

No matter what kind of drama it started, there will always be some sort of investigation done. Sometimes, it even leads to court, which is also another scene that has been used to death in American TV. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of errors in these dramas even though they have been made for so long.

It is understandable that errors will be present in a TV version of a crime or law scene. Writers and producers of these dramas are not really aiming for accuracy. Rather, they want to give the audience an entertaining experience while letting them believe that it can happen in real life. These inconsistencies might not get noticed by your average TV viewer, but it can help in propagating false beliefs about our very own justice system. Sometimes, these errors are harmless as it is only meant as TV fodder. However, there are cases wherein binging on these television shows might not help at all. For example, you might be charged with a federal crime. Click here to learn more about this.

Federal Crime: What Do You Do Now?

In this case, it is very important that you need to have a lawyer that can help you with your situation. It is very important that you need to hire the best lawyer for your case. Even though most lawyers can defend you in court, most lawyers practice specific areas of the law. For example, marriage cases are presided by judges who have experience in this field. Divorce lawyers will handle the cases of the parties involved. For federal cases, a federal attorney should be the one representing you for your case.

Now, a lot of scenarios can happen in any kind of court proceeding. A lawyer can only work for the best outcome possible for your case. This means that you may not be acquitted depending on the evidence against you. Whether you are truly guilty or innocent, you need to be honest with your lawyer to achieve this outcome. As long as they have all the details, then they can defend you properly in court. However, the verdict for the case can only be served by the court and there is nothing you can do about it especially if you are proven guilty.

However, you may want to ask for an appeal for your case.

An appeal is basically a request from the convicted for the review of their case. Specifically, this is aimed for a higher court. A case will be handed its verdict by the district courts. If one is to be made, it is elevated to the court of appeals also known by its circuit. The highest court that can review a case is the United States Courts of Appeals and they are the only ones who can amend a verdict. It can also reach the Supreme Court, but this is only for high-profile cases or extraordinary circumstances. Cases like this are also usually represented by a criminal appeals attorney.

Here Are Some Ideas About Appeals That Can Be A Little Misguided Or Outright Erroneous

It Can Overturn A Verdict

This kind of misinformation is one that we can credit to the prevalence of TV crime dramas. We’ve seen so many overturns for cases on TV that would be nearly impossible in real life. Unfortunately, the verdict is final even on the lower courts. Even though an overturn of decision can happen, it is so rare that only the highest court like the Supreme Court can do this. An appeal is basically just asking for a review because there might be an error with the lower courts’ process for the case. There might be some sort of discrimination or misjudgment that happened during the trial and you can use this for a chance to shorten the sentence.

Anyone Can Apply For An Appeal At Any Time

There is a time limit as to when you can actually apply for an appeal. Generally, you need to ask for this within 10 days after the verdict. If this was done after the 10 day period, then the court of appeals can deny it altogether. However, there is no need to be hasty as you really need to talk to your lawyer if it is worth it to apply for an appeal. You can always ask for a notice for an appeal for the court to review.

Appeals Can Be Resolved In A Month Or Even Shorter Period Of Time

This is one of the reasons why you need to review your case before applying for an appeal. It can take months before the court can even notice your request for a review. Sometimes, the whole process can take a year or more. Courts handle a lot of cases and they are meticulous with each of them. It has sped up in recent years due to the introduction of technology but the meat of process still needs enough time to review each detail of the case.

It Is Also Very Affordable For Anyone To Make An Appeal

Well, as it takes a lot of time to resolve a case for appeals, you will also need to spend a lot of money for the entire process. Most lawyers will charge for every hour of service, so you need to make sure that the appeal will be worth it. It can be a detriment for you and your family if it doesn’t really work out in the end.