Combin Scheduler – Best free Instagram scheduler 2019


If you’re looking for an easy and effortless way to post on Instagram from desktop, Combin Scheduler is your perfect choice.

What is Combin Scheduler?

This is a free desktop tool that allows planning and auto-publishing content – posts and stories – on Instagram. With this tool, you will be able to schedule your content for hours, days, and months ahead knowing that it will be auto-published down to the minute.

What Can Combin Scheduler Do?

  • Plan and auto-publish posts from desktop.

Instagram posts scheduling has never been easier. To plan your posts within Combin Scheduler, all you need to do is pick a file on your PC or Mac, select the required date and time, choose a location, and write an engaging caption.

To attract more people to your Instagram page, don’t forget to include hashtags in your caption and mention other accounts. Then press Create, and you’re good to go. And guess what? You’ll never get a reminder that calls you to complete the process within the native Instagram app.

  • Plan and auto-publish stories from desktop.

There’s hardly any Instagram user who has never tried this ephemeral content form. Stories are fun, engaging, and vivid, so there’s a point in including them into your Instagram growth strategy.

With Combin Scheduler, you can effortlessly plan multiple stories for publication. The course of actions is the same: choose Stories in the New Publication window, and select one or a handful of files from your computer. Set the time and date, then press Create. Your stories will be automatically published on Instagram at the right time.

Style your grid layout.

Since Instagram is a visual social network, the way your grid looks is an essential factor that influences your Instagram page growth.

Combin Scheduler assists you in styling your grid layout with its in-app calendar. Preview how your Instagram page looks and make changes as you wish.

Besides, weekly calendar preview showcases your planned posts with thumbnails, captions, and time for your better understanding of the overall campaign.

  • Edit your images.

Instagram supports a specific image ratio that users should try to fit. With Combin Scheduler, it’s no longer a challenge to cut photos properly. Right within the tool, you can use crop and zoom feature to match the aspect ratio that Instagram supports. You can also change the photo size to square, vertical, portrait, and landscape.

  • Help you write engaging captions.

Though Instagram is a visual social media, captions play a vital part in your Instagram growth strategy. But we all know how challenging this is to make up a clever caption on the fly.

With this scheduling tool, you have time to think through a creative caption and write it down without a fuss.

No worries, your text will be published exactly as you’ve formatted it – all the paragraphs, line breaks, and spaces will remain. And yes, hashtags and emojis are very welcome to include.

You can write as long captions as you like – 2,200 characters (the maximum amount Instagram supports) are not a problem.

  • Manage your hashtags.

You know that hashtags are an effective way of attracting genuine target followers, right? And you’re also aware that Instagram detects when you post the same hashtags all the time and considers it as spam.

To save your account from getting flagged, use different packs of hashtags for each of your posts. You can store these packs in Templates right within Combin Scheduler app, edit them, and use upon necessity.

How Much Does Combin Scheduler Cost?

There’s a plan for everyone. You can begin your Instagram planning experience for free with the Starter plan of Combin Scheduler. The plan contains all the necessary features to try out the app: 1 Instagram account management, 3 Instagram posts and up to 15 Instagram per week, location tagging, and bulk image uploading.

Personal plan that costs $7 a month is upgraded and allows you to do everything as Starter plan does but with a small bonus: you can plan an unlimited amount of posts and stories.

Business plan takes $21 from your wallet monthly and apart from everything above, lets you manage up to 5 Instagram accounts.

Don’t hesitate to streamline your Instagram growth process and try best Instagram scheduler for free now. The app is available for Windows, macOS and Linux.

And to make your Instagram promotion experience even better, try the Combin Growth tool for target audience search, analysis and engagement.