Charitable donation by Kusto Group employees epitomizes company spirt of generosity

Promoting a generous spirit of philanthropy is a priority for Kusto Group. Giving back to the community allows the company and its employees to share its good fortune with those in need.

Recently, employees of KazPetrol, a division of Kusto Group, inspired by the collective values of the company, organized a charitable donation to help provide for children in need. They chose to give to children they identified to be the most vulnerable group in society who have experienced difficulties undeserved at such a young age. Children’s charities help to protect the basic rights of children in need by providing them with a safe place to live, food to eat and a quality education to improve their quality of life. It is through the goodwill of these charities that children are given the opportunity to improve their lives and future.

KazPetrol Employees Give to Children in Need

When a child is abandoned by their parents, the responsibility to provide for them often falls upon charities who in turn rely on the kind donations of others to operate. It is through the collective generosity of others that these children are given the opportunity that every child deserves to live and thrive. To help provide the basic needs for this vulnerable group, 24 KazPetrol employees agreed to donate the equivalent of a day’s salary to children’s charities. They raised a total of 273,000 tenge in their effort, which amounts to over $700.

The employees were then faced with a dilemma: which charity to choose to give their financial gift to. With many local and international charities concentrating on the needs of impoverished and disadvantaged children, the employees wanted their donation to make a consequential impact.

These employees wanted to support a wonderful cause in a more meaningful way. While most philanthropic endeavors primarily involve the donation of money, the KazPetrol employees wanted to extend their generosity beyond the act of donation. To understand the impact of their charitable gift and to ensure that their donation brought the most joy and value to the children, the employees chose to take their donation a step further by using the money they raised to directly purchase gifts for children in need.

They chose gifts that would provide for the children’s essential daily needs including clothing, toys and educational development materials. The kindness displayed by the 24 KazPetrol employees merits recognition and praise. Two KazPetrol employees, Aigerim Kenbaeva and Dinara Nazarova, deserve additional commendation for devoting their time and effort to choose and purchase the gifts presented to the children. Through their kindhearted actions, these employees have demonstrated a true desire to help and support the less fortunate in their community.

Kusto Group Promotes Philanthropy as a Core Value

Kusto Group board member and Chairman of KazPetrol, Orazkhan Karsybekov, praised the employees for their goodwill and encouraged others to follow their example stating, “I hope these acts of charity will be shining example to all Kusto employees: only through building partnerships and working together can we make positive changes, both in business and in our communities. Let’s carry this spirit through 2019 and beyond.”

Kusto Group supports the charitable efforts of its employees as part of their larger corporate value of philanthropy. Companies have a social responsibility to their employees, community, environment and society. The company believes it is important to demonstrate this core value through their business practices, their charitable efforts and in fostering a culture of generosity in their workforce. Kusto Group supports humanitarian causes in all the countries and communities it operates promoting initiatives for the public good and improving quality of life. Kusto Group operates with integrity, trust and generosity as its core values.

This philosophy provides a strong foundation for a prosperous company supported by employees invested in its success. Kusto founder, Yerkin Tatishev, attributes the company’s achievements to an adherence to key principles and core values adding, “In today’s ever more complex and demanding business environment, to succeed the whole team needs strength of character, a strong identity and a clear vision of what it wants to achieve.”

Kusto Group commends its employees for taking the initiative to support such a noble cause. Through their generous act, these employees have demonstrated the values that are central to the Kusto Group collective spirt. They have taken it upon themselves to help those that are less fortune. Companies are members of the communities they operate in and from its inception, Kusto Group has placed great value in supporting the communities it belongs to. These values based on a commitment to the communities where it works are a product of the proud history of excellence that Kusto Group has built. This spirt is embodied by the admirable actions of the 24 KazPetrol employees.