Careers within environmental and animal conservation


One of the biggest threats facing the planet is climate change. It has the potential to impact so many different elements of life: from endangered species to sustainable energy resources.

As more businesses and governments begin to take serious action to tackle climate change, it is likely that environment and conservation careers will see an increase in demand. There is a wide array of work within these industries, and each job has a vital role in helping protect the planet.

Wildlife Biologist

A wildlife biologist could be considered the dream job for many animal lovers. The nature of the job is to observe wildlife in its natural habitat and learn from these behaviours. It offers so many opportunities for travel and getting to see wide array of animals. Those who want to get into this line of work could very well have been inspired by their wildlife holidays. Becoming a wildlife biologist comes with its own challenges but brings so many rewards – both for the person and the animals involved.

Renewable Energy Manager

Society is taking climate change more seriously and one man who has played a huge role in this is David Attenborough and his nature documentaries. He has become a voice fo the environment crisis and takes hope in the attitude of young people. Attenborough has inspired a generation to take action. Millennials will want to take on ‘green’ work and one of these roles could be an energy manager. They can implement methods of using energy with renewable resources and little waste. It’s a vital role that can have a huge impact on the future.


A job that helps save the planet isn’t just focused on what people will do going forward. It’s about trying to save what we have. This is where the role of conservationists come into play. It’s nearly impossible to discuss this line of work without mentioning Jane Goodall. She is known across the world for her work chimpanzees. A conservationist aims to protect and preserve areas of the environment in order to help the species that live there. It’s a job that can be done in any part of the world.

Urban Planning

Not everyone will want to throw themselves in the wild in order to protect the environment. There are a number of jobs that can help save the planet that can be done close to home. Including designing homes – whether they incorporate renewable energy sources or minimize waste with the build – an urban planner can help build an environmentally-friendly foundation for the future.

There are so many opportunities out there that aim to help the planet. Anyone with a passion to help the environment can pursue this worthy career path. Which job would you want to do?