Canada is considering partial access for Huawei 5G technology

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The whole debacle around Huawei, Chine, and the U.S has taken over the world for the last two years.

While the relationship between these two is still far from friendly and China has been bearing the daunting consequences of the tard war, now paired with the virus outbreak threatening the world with the massive contamination, China has very few things to lean on, but the 5G technology is definitely one of them.

China is relying on this to technology and its roll out to grant the country its status as the technological leader and improve its reputation at least partially. The five main allies that were supposed to grant Huawei the access were Australia, New Zealand, The U.S, U.K, and Canada.

The first three decided that they would not be working with Huawei on his project and denied access to their country and their service, considering that China and specifically Huawei is still deemed untrustworthy in most of the countries due to the accusations from the U.S. Recently the U.K came out with the decision to allow only partial access to Huawei changing the narrative and proving that there is a way around this that won’t be alienating. Now it’s up to Canada to decide whether they will allow partial access or will take the same stand as its’ southern Neighbour.

The last one left

Canada is under a lot of pressure right now because the 5G technology has the power to elevate the day to day experiences of regular people by allowing data to cover services and deliver the result that it hasn’t had the chance to do before. Streaming online gaming and all sorts of entertainment services that require a strong connection will not be possible through 5G.

Among the best online casino toronto is looking forward to the introduction of this technology because it promises to increase the transition and to invite more people to play online, no matter where they are. It is a big step to deny access completely but if Canada takes a different step it could temper with its relationship with the U.S.

After the Britain/s brave announcement was made, it changed the discussions in Canada as well and made the possibility of taking an alternative decision far more likely. Britain will still treat the 5G technology with extra attention because Huawei is still considered untrustworthy and the regulators will make sure that they are doing everything to prevent any possibility of spying or other illegal activity through this technology. According to the British government, they will allow Huawei to provide only select parts of Britain’s 5G wireless networks and in that way make it easier for them to manage it and to monitor the activity.

The relationship between Canada and Huawei is a bit different because they are in the midst of the trial that will determine whether the heiress of the Huawei founder and the Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou will face extradition from Canada to the U.S on the charges the U.S has placed on Meng.

Special Relationship between Canada and Huawei

The relationship between Canada and Huawei has gotten pretty complicated and most of it isn’t even because of Canada, but for the expectations placed on the country from the outside sources. It’s hard to tell what decision will Canada land on because The U.K’s statement might seem like a win-win to we don’t know if that will even be possible physically.

There are a lot of details that have not been talked about yet regarding this decision. While it seems like the U.K wants to stay on good terms with the U.S and China we don’t know if that’s even possible. The possibilities that the 5G technology allows for a far too great to pass on and are an important milestone on the path towards technological development but it’s yet unknown whether this decision on the U.Ks part will be a success.

Canada who as mentioned above is having a separate battle with Huawei is in a very tough position and will have to make decisions fast, but also taking into consideration every aspect of this situation. When it comes to the U.S-Canada relationships it’s likely that the U.S will expect more support from Canada, but we don’t know if the country is willing to give up on 5G completely because of its neighbor.