Can end of tenancy cleaning make your office move go more smoothly

moving office

Moving your office to a new location is both exciting and stressful.

For many businesses, a move to a larger office space signals that their company is growing and needs a larger location in order to grow.

But there are also many logistics to figure out when moving. For example, you may have to shut down for several days to pack, move, and unpack. Shutting down your business for several days means you may not be able to interact with customers during that time.

However, there are certain tips that you can use to make your office move go as smoothly as possible. No matter if you’re moving from a home office into an office building or moving from a bad location to an ideal location, keep these tips in mind.

Start planning move several months in advance

To make your move go as smoothly as possible, you’re going to want to plan the logistics out several months in advance. Don’t want until the month before you need to move to find a new location; chances are, you won’t find one that quickly! And don’t wait until the night before the move to pack boxes. Consider making somebody, such as an administrative assistant, within the office be in charge of monitoring logistics, delegating tasks to others, and making sure everything gets taken care of in time!

Take time when finding location

Don’t settle for the first location you see. Take the time to view several locations and weigh the pros and cons of each location. For example, location A might have beautiful natural lighting, but location B might be closer to where your primary customers live. When looking at locations, also consider the layout of your office space. Make sure each of your employees (and any future employees) will have space within the new office. Viewing several spaces ensures that you find the right fit for your business.

Label boxes when packing

As tempting as it might be to throw your belongings into boxes and worry about unpacking them later, you really should take the time to organize and label boxes while you’re packing. This allows you to unpack the most important boxes first. One idea to consider is placing every employee in charge of packing and unpacking their own desks. Don’t prolong unpacking after you move; you’ll need to get your office organized quickly so that business can resume. And labeling boxes can make the unpacking process go smoothly.

Use a cleaning company

If you’re renting your current office space, there is most likely a clause in your lease that requires you to leave the property in the same condition or in better condition than it was when you first started renting it. Some landlords require an end of tenancy cleaning, which is a deep clean of the property. A professional cleaning company can free up some of your time and thoroughly clean the property. Use a search such as “end of tenancy clean London” to find a company near you.

Declutter while packing

Packing is a good time to get rid of any items you might not need in your new space. There’s no need to drag those old financial documents from twelve years ago to your new office. And that printer that broke down last year can go as well! You want your new office to feel as clean and fresh as possible, so get rid of unneeded items even before you move. While you’re decluttering, also consider if there are any new furniture pieces you’ll need once you move.

Notify customers of any time off

Your move might mean that you’re unable to provide services to customers in the week before and after the move. If you suspect that the move will force you to shut down for a number of days, notify your customers in advance. You’ll also want to notify them of your new address so that they’re able to visit you in your new location! You can put signs up around your current business, post the information on social media, and send it out via any newsletter lists. Communicate with customers to prevent any inconveniences.

Final thoughts

Moving your office can be stressful, but there are certain things you can do to make the move go as smoothly as possible. The sooner you can start planning for the move and figuring out all the smaller logistics, the better. And, if needed, don’t hesitate to reach out to a professional moving company to help you.