Businesswoman with over 100 franchise applications in just 2 years; Story of Zahra Khan, founder of Feya Café & DYCE London


Chef Zahra Khan moved to London in 2015 to attend Celebrity and Michelin star chef Gordon Ramsay’s Tante Marie Culinary Academy, one of the oldest culinary schools in the UK.

After graduating top of her class, she fulfilled her entrepreneurial dream, by launching Feya Café in central London near Bond Street at the same time she became a mother.

“As a child, I was dreaming of a place with pastel and floral interiors, colourful drinks and a beautifully curated brunch menu. It demanded a lot of sleepless nights and hard work to make this dream idea come to life, but it was worth every ounce of effort,” she said.

A year after the opening, she launched Feya’s flagship store in Knightsbridge as well as dessert parlour DYCE London; a bespoke dessert shop in the heart of Marylebone, it accommodates dream sweet treats by serving ice cream, donuts, brownies, bubble teas and milkshakes.

“I believe the secret to company’s expansion results from meeting customers’ demands, keeping up with food trends, raising awareness and building a strong team” said Zahra.

Feya has indeed been following and setting new trends in the hospitality industry. In 2019, Yelp’s search engine has registered a rising interest in floral-infused foods and drinks, a demand that Feya already meets since 2018, for example with its lavender white chocolates and rose milk cake.

Zahra Khan
Zahra Khan

Zahra said ‘We have been ahead of the curve – eager to set new trends in the food industry by fusing food, fashion and lifestyle trends’’.

Similarly, the rising demand for healthy food – especially plant-based items has benefited Feya and DYCE. They both cater to specific dietary requirements and offer a selection of vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free dishes including cakes and ice creams.

The concepts have gained popularity to an extent that business owner has received numerous franchise requests from several countries. Zahra said ‘’From corporates to individuals, we have had an over-whelming interest in the two brands, and this continues to grow despite the Coronavirus outbreak. However, we are considering a sustainable expansion plan over the next few years’’.

Although the lockdown has disrupted several businesses in the hospitality industry, Zahra along with her team took this time to develop Feya’s Corporate Social Responsibility. The team launched Feya Cares, an initiative that aims to end gender gaps in the business world by providing resources, network, and support to young women.

Businesswoman, Zahra Khan continues to revolutionise the hospitality industry by creatively combining business with arts, baking, and social entrepreneurship.