Business wardrobe essentials for men

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If you’re a business professional, then a designer wardrobe is a must-have essential.

The right clothes can take you places and introduce you to the right people. Your wardrobe creates 99-per cent of your first impression.

When people first lay eyes on you, it takes them less than 3-seconds to form their first impression. If your clothes don’t match the image that you present, then you’re on the back foot from the get-go.

Here’s a list of 10-essential clothing items to add to your business wardrobe. Review them and hit the high street with your credit card.

1.    A Tailored Suit

This item is the backbone of your wardrobe. Consider a suit to be like a second skin; it’s a representation of who you are. A suit reflects your personality. If you’re extroverted, choose coloursthat are loud, if you’re a seasoned professional, go for darker hues.  

Go large and splash out on your suit. You don’t need a collection of Hugo Boss and Armani to make an impression; the designer doesn’t matter, (although it can’t hurt either.) The most important part of a suit is the fit and the material.

Visit a tailor and have them fit you for a custom suit, don’t just pull something off the rack and expect it to work for you. A tailored suit made from quality materials often costs less than an expensive designer brand.

2.    A Sports Coat

You’ll need a sports coat for cocktail parties and social events like attending a seminar or networking session. Choose something that has an attractive check pattern to it and coloursthat reflect your personality. 

3.   Skinny Ties and Bowties

The days of a wide, boisterous, power ties are over. The 70’s have made a comeback, and the style is thin and lean. Choose a name-brand designer tie, they cost a fair penny, but they’re worth the investment. Please make sure that it matches your suit. 

If you purchase a pin-stripe suit, find a tie with a lighter pin-stripe that’s less prominent than the pattern on your jacket. Make sure you select a length that matches your height. The last thing you want to do is buy a tie that’s to short and doesn’t reach your belt-line.

Bow-ties are fashionable at the moment; they offer a quirky impression that people find attractive. If you can’t tie a bow-tie, learn. Don’t purchase a clip-on bow-tie; it’s just tacky.

4.    A Selection of Dress Shirts

A dress shirt is a vital component of your wardrobe. They cost a fortune, but it’s worth the money. Select shirts with coloursthat match your shirt. Pin-stripes and “Gecko’s” are hot right now. Make sure that your shirt fits well around the neck and the cuffs. 

We prefer button-up cuffs. However, for special events, you might want to consider purchasing a shirt with French-cuffs for cufflinks.

5.   Cufflinks

Links aren’t in fashion at the moment, but they’re still an item to have in the back of your closet when you need them. If your attending a black-tie event, then a clean white dress shirt with a black bow-tie and platinum cuff-links will make a lasting impression.

6.   Belts and a Wallet

People you meet will glance at your belt on the sly to determine if you’re the real deal. It’s a part of your wardrobe that makes a subtle but powerful impression. Choose a genuine leather belt, preferably one that matches the colourof your suit. Look for a design with a classic rectangular buckle, something that’s clean and not too loud.

When you pull out your wallet to pay the bill, you want to give an impression of wealth and power, so throw away that shabby fabric and Velcro monstrosity and buy yourself a genuine leather men’s wallet that’s small and clean with stitching around the edge.

A Final Tip – Shoes Make the Difference

Your shoes say a lot about who you are. Walking around in a tailored suit, with a fresh dress shirt and cufflinks, but your wearing scuffed footwear with worn heels, people will sense that something is not right with your presentation.

Choose a pair of leather shoes that match your suit. Keep the lacing simple with a few holes and make sure the overall design of the shoe is clean and simplistic. For good examples, check out mens leather dress boots from Two24. By the way – forget the socks, you don’t need them.