Building your brand as well as authority on Instagram: Tips to remember

With almost more than 1 billion users from each and every corner of the world, Instagram is not an option anymore but it is a must in the digital arsenal.

Moreover, Instagram is also known for the high rate of audience engagement in comparison to all the other social media platforms. It is crucial that you have proper knowledge about the strategies that are trending and giving results currently. This is why it is extremely important that you maximize both your time as well as an effort for growing the Instagram audience.

Given below is a list of the steps that you should be following if you are interested in building a solid presence in the coming year.

Creating an Instagram strategy

Before any other thing, it is crucial that you develop a proper strategy for the Instagram activities that you are doing on a regular basis. Given below is a list of the important pillars of a result-driven and robust strategy.

The first thing that you need to take care of is the objectives that you have. You need to answer yourself as to why you are incorporating Instagram into the marketing mix. Determine whether it is for growing your email list, increasing the website clicks, or increasing brand awareness and sales.

  • Identify your target audience. It is a great idea to identify three different customer personas, which you are intending to target with the help of the marketing efforts. This is going to help in developing the content strategy.
  • Check out the profiles of your competitors on social media and find out what is working for their brand already.
  • Understand the kind of content that you are willing to post. It is crucial to have a proper understanding of the time when you should post and the manner in which you can boost the engagement. You should also have knowledge about the hashtags, kinds of captions, or photo filters for providing the maximum effects to the posts.
  • Understand the metrics that need to be monitored for staying on track in order to reach the goals that you have.

As soon as you have a proper understanding of the basics, you will be able to start building the follower base on Instagram.

Choosing the theme and style

The style means how you are going to set the tone, the mood, and most importantly, the feel of the account. You need to determine how you want the entire Instagram feed. Ensure that your theme is revolving around a particular vibe and a color scheme that is unique. Ensure that you are paying close attention to the colors that are present in the photos, including your background, outfits, as well as subjects.

You have the option of developing a unique style by making use of the same filter time and again, which is going to make the feed look extremely cohesive. Also, the filter that you are using is going to become the signature of your brand eventually. People will find it easy to recognize the account when they see a particular photo that has your signature filter.

Your Instagram account should be descriptive and catchy so that it is capable of hooking the potential followers at once. When someone is visiting your profile to understand if they are going to follow you, the first thing that they are going to notice is the Instagram feed. Developing a theme, which is known to resonate with the brand and the content, is necessary. If you are looking forward to making your account look more credible, you can visit the website of Gramblast.

Understanding the kinds of hashtags that you should be using

As soon as your Instagram feed starts looking great, it is time that you help people to find it. Given below is a list of the hashtags that can be used.

  • Making a hashtag with the photo content.
  • Creating unique hashtags based on your industry or niche.
  • Creating hashtags on basis of the expertise within your niche.
  • Creating hashtags with the popular brands within your industry for getting a chance of being featured.
  • Creating hashtags with your location.

Apart from these, you can also conduct research on the hashtags that are trending on Instagram. According to, 7 of 10 hashtags are branded.

Making use of Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is responsible for giving the fans the tours of how you are working on your business. This will allow them to provide personal tips to you, which is going to work extremely well when you will be associating them with your inside stories. Inside stories include behind-the-scenes stories, how you are structuring the day, how you are coming up with ideas, the workspace that you have, etc. These are going to provide a proper look into the business as well as your personal life.

Building influencer relationships

Influencer marketing is gaining a lot of popularity and this has gathered a huge rage on Instagram. Micro influencers who are known to have 50 thousand followers are known to have communities that are strong and built around the personal brands. This helps in influencing the audiences to not only follow and like their profiles but also purchase from the other brands.

There are numerous external factors, which are capable of determining how successful the influencer campaigns are, like the price, branding, authority, and products. Given below is a list of the metrics that you need to keep in mind when you are evaluating how effective an influencer campaign is.

  • Engagement
  • Audience sentiment
  • Reach
  • Product sales
  • Traffic
  • Conversions

The ideal post checklist

After everything is done, you need to check whether your posts are capable of creating a maximum impact.

  • Ensure that your email has been composed in a proper manner.
  • Ensure that you are tagging your location.
  • Ensure that the caption is capable of attracting the attention of your audience.
  • Ensure that you are inspiring your followers to click the link that you have mentioned in the bio or in your caption.


With each passing day, Instagram is gaining more power with the high rates of engagement in comparison to the various other platforms. Ensure that you are keeping all these tips in mind so that you can build a huge Instagram following and establish the authority of your brand.

Author Bio –
Kristen Smith has been working on the importance of social media in marketing with thousands of real Instagram followers for her postings. You can visit Gramblast for more information.