Brand new casino opening In Las Vegas

Las Vegas

With the continued growth of the global gambling industry, both online and brick and mortar casinos continue to enjoy a surge in profits.

Indeed, there has been a host of new casino websites in 2020 that have launched to meet this demand. In addition, new casinos continue to be built in Las Vegas, the global home of the gambling business.

In this article, we will take a look at the progress of more than one brand new casino opening in Las Vegas.

So, without further ado, let’s begin with the first new casino on our list…

The Drew

Situated in the same location as the El Rancho Hotel and Casino, this new development is set to galvanize the strip in Las Vegas once more. Now, after many years of stalling and obstruction, it seems as though The Drew may finally be completed soon.

Since construction began in 2007, ownership of the project has changed hands multiple times. After the recession affected the process, building resumed in 2010 under the guidance of Carl Icahn before he sold on to Steve Witkoff for $600 million in 2017. Since then, the project has gathered steam and there is hope that opening day isn’t too far off!

In fact, many predict a 2022 finish, at least within the hopeful crowd. Certainly, if that is to be the case, then the result will be incredible. Not only will the Drew be the largest building in Las Vegas but in the entire state of Nevada! At 67 floors of blue glass exterior, The Drew will certainly be a sight to behold!

If the designs are followed, there will be a 4,000 seat theatre in addition to a 165,000 square-foot casino and a 65,000 square-foot spa. Of course, there will be an expansive gaming area with tables, slots, sports betting and more as well as a luxury dining room, bars and much more.

Resorts World Las Vegas

Expected to open next summer, this casino looks set to break all records for the priciest casino ever built in Vegas. Malaysian gambling behemoth Genting is behind the development, which looks set to redefine luxury in the city.

Boasting a 5,000 seat theatre, 75,000 square-foot nightclub, and 3,500 hotel rooms in addition to a huge convention space, this will be a sprawling development indeed. Throw in a 220,000 square-foot pool area and it can be said that this is no ordinary casino. Do not be surprised if Resorts World becomes the new place to be seen in Vegas upon completion.

As if this wasn’t enough, with a 100,000 square-foot LED screen built into the resort’s west tower, visitors to this resort will be able to witness the world’s largest LED screen. Clearly, Resorts World is not going to be a subtle, modest development but a huge, bold project that will seek to encapsulate everything that Las Vegas stands for.

Overall, brand new casino openings in Las Vegas look set to continue in this uncertain climate, helping to re-energize the world’s original gambling epicenter.

Image:  DepositPhotos