Blogger’s Gold: How to increase your blog’s traffic using instagram


Blogging is a great career choice, and a lot of youngsters are aware about that domain.

There have been a lot of success stories, related to this career and people have been able to run their wardrobes, with blogging.

But inside this field, it is important to attract the audience so that you have a lot of eyeballs, scrolling and reading your content for regularly, for a long period of time. In short, to set the ball rolling, it’s very essential to increase your blog’s traffic.

But how can Instagram be useful in increasing the traffic over your blog page? Let’s look at all the ways.

  • It’s quite certain that if you are talking about increasing the traffic over your blog page through Instagram, then you will have to increase the number of visitors over your Instagram page.

By doing so, you will be exposing them to the photos related to your blogging page. And if you have a lot of attractive visuals related to your niche, then people will certainly head over to your blog. If you have a lot of Instagram likes, then people are certainly going to trust your page for a long time. If not, it’s time to find a good supplier of social signals and buy Instagram likes on your most recent posts to create an image of a popular and attractive content creator.

  • You will have to look for ways in which you can keep the public engaged with your content. If you are selling products through Instagram, then you will have to allow the readers to relate with it, and that’s how you’d be called a great seller, and your business will run for a longer period of time. Similarly, for a blogger, it will matter the most, if you are able to cover some of the most famous niches.

People buy, what is needed, and how your product would enhance the quality of their life, will matter the most. You can do so, by posting images or even short video clips that explain your blogging style, etc.

  • Instagram provides you with the feature of creating sponsored ads for a particular group of people, or you can say for the targeted population. You get such features over Instagram, and through their help, you can reach out to the people who have looked for similar content.
  • Through Instagram’s insights feature, you can get to know about the demand. If you create a business account over Instagram, then you can share some written pieces over your wall, and with the help of the insights feature, you will get to know whether people have liked your work or not.

If you see engagement, then you can take it as an encouragement for that particular niche, and continue writing over it. And if not, then you can move forward and look for other niches, which are liked by the people.

  • If you have to increase the traffic over your blog page, then you have to make sure that the people are happy with your content.

If you have a lot of positive reviews in the comments section, or even you manage to get a lot of likes over your content, then it will act as a source of encouragement for other people to start following your content.

The crowd always reaches out to products, which are bought and praised by many.

Therefore, you can take advantage of that fact.

  • You can also team up with influencers and other big brands that are sitting out there, and have got a huge fan following.

If you are able to portray a nice image of your blog page, through a lot of likes and quality-content, then it’s quite certain, that big brands and influencers will be able to collaborate with you.

Once you collaborate with them, millions of people will get to know about you and your work, and it will be very easy to increase the traffic over your blog page.

If you are operating a blog in 2019, then it’s quite certain that you would have linked your Instagram handle along with all the other most wanted social platforms with it. That’s an easy thing to guess, and most of the bloggers sitting out there, have done it, or are on the verge of doing it.

Leaving Instagram out of the sight might come lethal to any blogger’s career. It would be great for you to follow our recommendations and to pay acute attention to details of what leading bloggers do about it today. It was said thousand times already that Instagram is a nowadays gate to the world’s biggest audience with a low entry cost, its features are very beneficial, so make up your mind and good luck on it!