Best 7 tools for teachers in 2018


There has always been a group of the best and vital occupations ever known. These professions, when mastered succinctly have helped to improve the quality of life over time in different ways – better food, medicine, even better ways of communication and interaction.

However, there’s one profession that always stands at the root of all others, because this specific occupation is the cornerstone on which the others improve and get their knowledge.

The role of a teacher in today’s world cannot be overemphasized. Lecturers and educators all over the world have been responsible for the importation of basic and advanced knowledge for ages. It’s no secret that the classroom is the most influential environment in the lives of most people. Here connections are made, fears are discovered and overcome, passions are revealed.

The teaching process has also seen improvement at the pace of the educational sector. As the world advances, the need for more complex materials and tools for teachers advances as well. It is sufficient to say that the tools for teaching have transcended the usual white chalk and blackboards or old library textbooks. In the wake of a massive takeover by applications, the tools used by most teachers come in improved models that are conveniently digitized. This equally means that these tools are made accessible for educators via various gadgets within their reach.

For the year 2018, we would like to take a look at some of the tools we feel would smoothen the teaching process for teachers and learners alike. We would look at them in details, in no particular order.

  1. Listenwise

For teachers who love to teach using audio components in their lessons, this site is a great start. There are educators who love having the effect of the audio component in addition to pictures or videos. It’s their own way of making sure the class is interactive enough. You could even add some publicly streamed content, especially if it applies to your area of discussion.

  1. EdPuzzle

If you feel the need to spice up already existing videos which you created, EdPuzzle provides the platform for that. The site allows you to upload your own videos, or browse through countless other videos uploaded by other teachers using the site. You can make lots of cool editing to the videos – create clips, embed different questions, insert audio voice-overs or narrations and so much more. It promises to solidify its place as one of the most preferred tools for educators worldwide.

  1. SpiderScribe

This is known to be one of thebest sites when it comes to collective class projects. By providing the best possible graphic representation of different themes, SpiderScribe makes brainstorming enjoyable for students and improves their ability to create valid thought processes. Even if you won’t be able to finish your task alone, you could ask your friends for help. If you have problems with finishing individual tasks, you can consider other helpful services, like Eduzaurus or many others.

  1. Kubbu

Puzzles and crosswords? Bring it on! Kubbu is particularly unique due to its ability to track students in their strengths and misses. The platform provides an array of puzzles and other problem-solving games while keeping students within the learning zone.  It’s a perfect choice among teacher tools available online. It’s also cloud-based, meaning its resources can be accessed from anywhere. However, taking into account its current settings, it is considered appropriate for small-sized classes.

  1. Storybird

This online digital program will be a favorite for instructors who love to help their students diversify their imagination. The platform allows students to come up with their own original stories while providing inspiration via colorful characters and appropriate settings. The program is available for different levels of learners, from the simplest to the most advanced.

  1. RealWorldMaths

With the needed assistance from Google Maps and another app known as SketchUp, RealWorldMaths helps students to understand the connection between different Math problems and real-life situations. The platform achieves this by creating activities that are user-friendlywhile maintaining a 3D presentation. This program can have an immense influence on its users – by using digital representations of Math situations, it helps them understand the huge role played by their subject in their everyday lives.

  1. Remind

Remind is the teacher’s helper when it comes to last-minute changes or urgent messages to be sent to the parents of the students. The program allows teachers to send reminders concerning assignments, task updates, and the likes. This helps to actively engage both teachers and parents in the learning process of their wards, keeping the communication flow steady, clear, and constant.