Benefits of robots to injection molding processes


Injection molding is a manufacturing technique used when producing a product in large scale.

A mold is created in the preferred shape of the product. Injection molding mostly happens with plastic goods.

Molten plastic is then injected into the created mold and let to settle. In a few minutes, the molten plastic takes the shape of the mold and then the process of removing it from the mold begins, added UK injection moulding.

As is evident, this is a long process that could do with some automation. On spotting this opportunity, robot manufacturers decided to create injection molding robots that make this process smoother and easier.

Here are some benefits of using the injection molding robots.

Continuous work

Injection molding is a repetitive task that produces similar products for every injection. Injection molding robots are the solution to ensuring that this monotonous task does not wear down your employees leaving them prone to making mistakes or harming themselves.

These robots will ensure that this work is automated and taken away from the hands of human employees. This then ensures a flawless operation that can run unmanned. This ensures that the company can easily keep producing their product with the machines while their human resources are busy selling the product to users.

The robots are easy to use

Robots used in injection molding are quite easy to use and setup. Programming the robots to work with your existing injection molding system is quite easy. Once this is done, programming the instructions into the robot is also another easy step and anyone in the company can do it.

Often, companies avoid the use of robots out of fear and ignorance that the robots will be difficult to use and there will be an added expense of hiring an expensive programmer to man the robots. This is not the case and any factory worker can easily program these robots.


Manual injection into the moldings is a tedious job. Also, left to a human being, the molten liquids injected into the molds will not always be uniform. On the other hand, when this task is left to a robot, you will always get the same results.

Robots will apply uniform pressure at all instances of injection. As a result, you will have uniform products that are appealing to your customers. In addition, this will reduce the number of defective products that are as result of your production process. This will save the organization lots of money and create a good image of the company by having high quality products.

Robots can multitask

Automating the injection molding with robots is highly cost effective. The robots you use for the injection molding process can also be used to automate any other manual tasks within your operation.

With a proper schedule, you can have the robots work on different aspects of the operation effectively and efficiently. Usually a changeover takes very little time especially if you do not need to change the end of arm tools.

All you need to do is program new instructions into the robot and it will carry on with the new task.

You can even create custom colors in injection molding.

Cycle times

This is one of the most essential parts of an injection molding process. By automating with robots, you will never have to worry about cycle times again in your injection molding process.

All you need to do is set the robot to the required time intervals and your molds will always be uniformly injected at those intervals. This helps in the maintaining and producing high quality products consistently.


Robots bring a level of skill that is rare in human beings when it comes to carefully removing the set liquids once they rest and take the shape of the moldings.


Automation with robots is possible for as many tasks in the factory as you want. Injection molding robots are highly efficient and effective at making this task easier and ensuring uniformity at every turn.

Photo by Franck V. on Unsplash