Benefits of customising cooler bags with your business logo


Whether a cooler bag imprinted with your business logo is seen on a hiking trip to the Great Barrier Reef or a serene family-friendly picnic spot in Bicentennial Park, it’s going to have a massive impact on your brand visibility and brand perception.

Composed of high-grade PVC, anti-bacterial, and waterproof materials; customised cooler bags make for a durable and excellent promotional investment for your Australian business.

Here are five reasons you should consider integrating branded cooler bags in your marketing and branding strategy.

Brand Visibility and Perception

Brand perception is the bloodline of any business. This mere fact drives companies to invest large amounts of money into their marketing budgets to ensure their brand perceptions have no loopholes.

Essentially, brand perception is the impression your business makes on your target market when they come across your logo. Typically, the cornerstone of a good brand perception campaign is brand visibility. This is where cooler bags swoop in and provide a cost-effective solution.

First and foremost, cooler bags are highly versatile. Because of their excellent ability to insulate items such as fruits, beverages, and almost every other foodstuff, they make perfect companions for various trips, even to the nearest local park. This is one of the reasons why they take the lead when it comes to promotional products.

Some customised cooler bags, produced by reputable companies like, are also so aesthetically pleasing that they fit in at almost any occasion. Moreover, most of these bags are unisex—i.e. accessible to both genders—ensuring your brand reach isn’t limited in the slightest.

According to Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), 100% of consumers go out of their way to get their hands on a promotional item. And cooler bags are one of the most coveted promotional items on the market. There’s a reason why the Australian promotional items market makes cooler bags an integral component of their branding efforts.

Brand Recognition

Customised cooler bags are effective mediums to establish and sustain the recognition of your Australian business.

When you print your corporate logo, brand ad, and other business details, your customers will have an extra incentive to connect with your brand. Anyone who’s seen carrying cooler bags with your brand logo promotes your products and services to the masses without even knowing it. Moreover, taking a cooler bag on short- and long-distance trips also functions as an endorsement by imbuing a positive image of your brand in your prospective and existing clients.

Imprinting Your Brand’s Image as Eco-Conscious

One great idea you should consider is designing your customised cooler bags with sustainable materials. If your target market is environmentally conscious, you’d want your brand’s carbon footprint to be as minimal as possible.

In addition to environmentally friendly PVC, your product design team should look into cotton, jute, bamboo, and other durable materials. They are great at reducing greenhouse gas emissions because of their ability to convert harmful gases like carbon dioxide into breathable oxygen. Printing your logo on these materials will play a pivotal role in plastering your brand with an eco-friendly image.

Furthermore, once your sustainable cooler bags have served their purpose, users can recycle and compost them. This will eliminate the need to dump plastic products into landfills, adding to solid hazardous waste.

If you’ve clearly stated that “going green” is important for your business, you should strive to work towards this goal to ensure your brand trust isn’t compromised.

Environmentally sustainable choices aren’t always easy and can be expensive, but promotional cooler bags provide an easy pathway to showcase your business’s commitment to its ‘green goals.’ Your dedication to helping the planet while marketing your brand can inspire your customers and compel them to actively follow in your steps in their personal lives, further elevating your business’s positive market perception.

Final Thoughts

There’s a lot of reasons why cooler bags provide an effective means of promoting your business. From making a positive environmental impact to increasing brand trust and visibility, customised cooler bags with your logo are among the top promotional items in brand marketing.

If your business marketing budget doesn’t allow you to splurge huge amounts, these promotional ‘bad boys’ will significantly lower your costs and work towards meeting your budget, all while effectively promoting your brand. Moreover, we live in a time when climate change is wreaking havoc on the planet, and more people are turning towards businesses that make environmentally conscious choices. With cooler bags, these choices are a lot easier to make.