Benefits & constraints of online injection molding

Injection Molding


is all about reducing costs while offering the highest quality product possible. In many cases, there are several ways to produce the same product. Injection molding is one such method.

What is Injection Molding?

Injection molding

is a manufacturing technology that allows the creation of a part by injecting molten material into a mold where it takes the desired form. After cooling and solidifying, the product can be removed from the mold, ready to ship.

Other services than Injection Molding?

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What Advantages Does Injection Molding Offer?

Injection molding can be great for manufacturers and buyers alike. The benefits of the process translate well to the bottom lines of both sides as long as some criteria are met.

Visually Appealing Products

Because of the nature of the process, there are no unsightly seams or unnecessary jagged protrusions on the items created. This results in a smooth and appealing final product.

High Output

As long as the cost of machine set up and mold creation are met, injection molding is a method that achieves high productivity. The manufacturer should place a minimum amount of units in order for the process to make sense financially. This minimum number depends on the product and how intensive set up and mold design are.

Wide Spectrum of Material for Use

The raw material that can be used for injection molding ranges from most thermoplastics to silicones. This allows for flexibility in the types of products that can be undertaken by a manufacturing operation.

Highly Repeatable

The ability to produce identical parts repeatedly is an important advantage of injection molding. With total quality management being a main concern for manufacturers, the ability to produce large quantities with virtually zero variance is very cost-effective.

What are the Constraints of Injection Molding?

While injection molding can be a godsend for cases that take advantage of the process’s benefits, there are some limitations that should be considered.

Longer Lead Times

Other types of production methods, like 3D printing, for instance, can be ready to go immediately. Injection molding requires a longer setup and may be prohibitive for clients running on a tight clock.

Modifications are Costly

Once a mold is designed, it is very costly to modify and it may be necessary to start over. Therefore, it is important that the process is well thought-out and starts off correctly.

In essence, injection molding is like comparing a large oil tanker to a speed boat. Once the ship is loaded with its payload, it is very cost-effective in getting the cargo to the desired destination. Steering it to a different port mid-way through its journey takes time and cuts into profit. Injection molding is the cargo ship.

Transporting oil with a speed boat doesn’t make sense for a shipload of the product. To achieve cost-effective production for a product or part that can be produced via injection molding, get an injection molding quote today.