Be on the lookout for Fight to Fame, the Next Big Sport-Tech Project

Professional box match

An innovative idea has entered the sports industry. It is a big sport-tech project that aims at combining Hollywood with fighting and boxing.

No matter which country, race, religion, or class you belong to – you are welcomed to join a new entertainment platform where you can fight to fulfill your dreams.

What is Fight to Fame?

Fight to Fame is a Blockchain-based global platform. It invites contestants from across the world to enter the Hollywood industry through fighting and boxing. The platform has a unique viewpoint. It says that action stars belong to different fields and backgrounds such as sports, bodybuilding, boxing, indoor games, and whatnot. But, only a few of them make their way in through fighting.

Fight to Fame started as a reality show and involved organizing a competition where top fighters from around the world fight and get a chance to play roles in Hollywood action movies.

As a project, it started in 2017 with a number of fighters as Prince Badi Ajmu, Rigan Machado, and many others joining along the way. Fighters across the globe are coming together at Fight to Fame and are building a powerful team with contenders from over 200 countries.

Moreover, Fight to Fame has partnered various onboard experts and respected people from different fields such as Hollywood film production studios and Blockchain technology to fulfill its goals and aims.

Why you should lookout for Fight to Fame

Fight to Fame has come forward as a great opportunity for anyone who has been looking forward to being an action reality star, boxing champion, wrestler, or anything related. What makes Fight to Fame important to consider is that it offers free registration for anyone and everyone.

All you need to provide is your contact and physical details.

Fight to Fame has well-known World Champion Fighters as its ambassadors in American, European, and African regions. It is in search of superstars to veil off their strength and passion while fighting to get an active role in a Hollywood film. It welcomes fighters from any urban to the remote area around the world to join this Blockchain startup based in London.

Fight to Fame partnerships and ambassadorships

Fight to Fame has already signed contracts with Hollywood film production studios, film distribution agencies, sponsors, and television broadcasts.

Furthermore, Fight to Fame has extended its partnerships and collaborations to extensive and emerging markets of India and Africa. It has involved more than 70 states from around the world for film distribution, investment, and broadcasting. To name a few, Japan, UAE, Brazil, Mexico, Israel, Germany, Russia, Australia, Canada, and Turkey are the most prominent ones.

When it comes to ambassadorship, the five famous and influential world champions are serving as ambassadors to Fight to Fame. Teca, the world’s supermodel and social media director, is the new participant increasing the strength and support for Fight to Fame.

Entering into Fight to Fame community, participants will not only have a great deal of entertainment but gain new experiences in the fighting and film industry.

What makes Fight to Fame unique?

The uniqueness of Fight to Fame is not because of one but two significant aspects.

It is a modern startup running on Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. With the secure, convenient, and transparent working mechanism, Fight to Fame has come up with a unique business solution. It follows a unique business model titled as BMS – Blockchain + Movie + Sports. Never would have anyone thought about combining real-time fighting with acting by using Blockchain technology.

With this unique vision and functionality, Fight to Fame is all set to bring across the globe participation to the table.

Another thing that makes Fight to Fame a highly regarded entertainment platform is that mere watchers can also be a part of it. Eager fans can use FF token to get series cards, do the voting for fighters on TV reality shows, and various other activities.

Fight to Fame is an initiative to revolutionize the sports industry. Until now, fighters and fans have been receiving way lesser than what they put in towards this industry. Fighters do a lot of things to keep sports such as fighting and boxing in the limelight. For decades, fighters have been receiving little to no compensation for putting their lives to risk in the ring every single time.

Fight to Fame comes forward with a view that the sports industry must be capable enough of awarding fighters what they deserve. With Fight to Fame, fighters are going to have power over their future. It is all ready to change the sports industry by bringing in innovative ways and ideas such as affiliation with the Hollywood film industry.

For a lot of sports enthusiasts, Fight to Fame is like a dream come true!