Award-Winning investor Philip Rodrigs launches Raynar Portfolio Management

Philip Rodrigs

Renowned investor Philip Rodrigs has used his entrepreneurial expertise to launch Raynar Portfolio Management, an investment firm that commenced operations at the beginning of 2020.

Philip Rodrigs is widely known for having grown funds from £8 million to over £350 million and from £150 million to £1 billion within just a few years. Following two fruitful decades of developing investment strategies and securing business awards, Philip now leads Raynar Portfolio Management, an investment firm based in Victoria, London. Raynar implements specialist strategies for clients investing in small listed companies.

A New Venture: Raynar Portfolio Management

When developing Raynar’s business strategy, Philip angled the firm’s operations to enable optimal financial outcomes for clients. Philip believes that large funds with too many assets under management (AUM) can lead to sub-optimal client outcomes. He was keen to avoid the common ‘trap’ of having to chase ever higher AUM as he believes that this approach can lead to sacrificing the potential for better performance for clients.

‘It has been a long-held ambition of mine to be at the helm of my own company,’ Philip says. ‘[Raynar] gives me the chance to instil a culture that puts the clients first and operates entirely ethically.’

Raynar Portfolio Management’s Structure and Flagship Strategy

Before setting up Raynar, Philip created a unique structure dedicated to investing in UK Micro Cap companies with River and Mercantile. Since then, numerous firms have followed in those footsteps by launching Micro Cap investment products that emulate the focus on this attractive niche market area. Whilst others have suggested this to be ‘a great form of flattery’ Philip has not rested on his laurels, but instead looked to further improve on this successful approach when developing Raynar’s strategies.

Raynar is currently raising funds for the ‘Raynar Flagship’ strategy. Philip has planned this strategy to enable the flexibility to address common challenges and enable the taking of greater advantage of opportunities that the economy will have to offer in the near future and beyond.

What is the Advantage of a Boutique Investment Firm?

Philip believes that boutique firms are core to a healthy investment industry. Small businesses step away from the traditional approaches that many large companies employ when it comes to investment strategies. Raynar takes a tailored approach to investments, designing schemes that enable the opportunity for better outcomes for individual clients.

Mutual Funds Versus Alternative Investment Funds

As a fund manager, Philip found there was a natural fluctuation between having too many and too few ideas to fill a portfolio. He developed an Alternative Investment Funds strategy to be able to handle and take advantage of these fluctuations.

Rayner’s Alternative Investment Funds are exclusively for eligible professional investors, such as those who meet the criteria for ‘Sophisticated’ or ‘High Net Worth’ investors. Unlike Mutual Funds (which must remain fully invested), Alternative Investment Funds can offer a higher level of flexibility.

The Story behind Raynar Portfolio Management’s Name

The investment firm’s name is a combination of ‘Radar’ and ‘Sonar’. Philip explains that the business name represents the firm’s ambition ‘to scan the markets from top to bottom for great opportunities’. Raynar’s promise to seek the best financial opportunities is also conveyed in their strapline: ‘Searching high and low for great investments.’

Raynar Portfolio Management’s Operations amid COVID-19

Philip founded the company with an ethical ethos that fosters talent. With a strong team behind him, Philip is delighted that his fellow investment specialists have seamlessly transferred from the workplace to remote working despite Raynar’s status as a new company. Raynar continues to operate without interruption throughout the COVID-19 crisis.

Raynar Portfolio Management’s Future

Ten million GBP has already been invested with Raynar, and commitments are set to double this in the short term. Raynar is also planning for the long term with the ambition of sustained business growth. Philip aspires to emulate prior successes that saw him responsible for managing over one billion USD at each of his previous two firms.

Raynar Portfolio Management is now open for business with more information available via

About Philip Rodrigs
With two decades of experience investing in UK markets, Philip Rodrigs started his career by investing a small gift from his grandfather in 2000. Since then, he has won numerous awards, including Investment Week UK Smaller Companies Manager of the Year twice (consecutively across 2010 and 2011), Morningstar’s Outstanding Rising Talent (2012), and Financial Express UK Smaller Companies Alpha Fund Manager of the Year (2016).
A Chartered Financial Analyst, Philip is renowned for his investment successes with many UK listed businesses. As an investor, Philip examines what makes a successful business every day which has provided invaluable insight when founding Raynar Portfolio Management.
Having studied Economics and Management at Lincoln College, University of Oxford, Philip joined the professional investment industry in 2002 as a Trainee Fund Manager at Invesco Perpetual. In 2003, he joined T Rowe Price International, where he specialised in UK and European small cap stocks. In 2005, Philip transferred to Investec Asset Management, then River and Mercantile in 2014, before founding Raynar Portfolio Management in 2020.