An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Productivity


The entrepreneur life is not a simple one. Whether you are managing multiple businesses, hatching a new one, or working on ways to develop and improve a business model, productivity is essential.

There are always multiple projects to manage that involve in-depth, conceptual thought, and there is simply no time to waste. Especially in the age of information and efficiency, it’s imperative that you are reaching your full working potential.

Luckily there are variety of ways to help you achieve this. Of course, there is not one solution that magically will double your productivity, the right method or combination of methods is different for everyone, so trying multiple will be the most beneficial. Give these tips a shot to boost your productivity, get organized, and improve creativity:

Healthy Working Practices

The most important way to get more productive is to work sustainably and keep your mind healthy. This applies to where you work, when you work, how you work, how often you work, and what you do when you’re not working.

  • Work environment: Always work in a space that is dedicated to working. You can never be fully productive when you work in a bedroom or any area where you also do your relaxing. So, limit work to an office space or any quiet area where you can get focused. Many remote workers like to mix it up by trying different libraries or coffee shops week to week.
  • Limit distractions: Although nowadays we are often expected to be reachable 24/7, you have to eliminate distractions when it’s time to focus. So, turn off your notifications, close other tabs and windows, and refrain from checking emails or looking at your phone at all while you’re in the zone.
  • Take breaks: Taking frequent breaks and working in intervals will keep your mind fresh and prevent burnout throughout the day. Get up and stretch for ten minutes every hour or have a longer 30-minute break every 2-3 hours. While that may seem like a lot of time, trying to work for too many hours straight will wear out your brain, and you will end up getting less done anyway.
  • Not working means not working: When you’re not working, try to refrain from thinking about work or doing any work-related activities. This can be especially difficult for business owners because you often have a lot on your mind, you realize you forgot something, or others are trying to reach you at all hours of the day. However, it’s important for your mental and physical health to live a balanced life, and that means giving your brain a chance to refresh between workdays. If you have a work thought when you’re off-duty, write it down and move on. If it absolutely HAS to be dealt with that day, do it and move on. It’s perfectly acceptable to schedule hours when you will not answer calls or emails, for your own sanity.
  • Prioritize your health: Taking care of your body and mind in general will help you to be more productive. Pay attention to your diet, get regular exercise, and practice mindfulness. Being in good shape and having the ability to clear your mind when you need to will go a long way.

Online Tools

Online software and apps can be super helpful for organizing projects and generating ideas. There are all different kinds of apps and websites that offer different services and layouts – it’s all about finding the one that works for you. So try as many as you can! Here are a couple great examples of popular software for brainstorming and organization:

  1. Braincat: Thousands of business owners use Braincat because it is one of the most unique and versatile brainstorming apps out there. You can use it to organize projects, build business models, make decisions, and formulate game plans. This app is unique because it guides you through a thinking process, starting from the details and working your way up to the main idea. This method of thinking helps keep your mind open to new realizations and prevents you from working based on assumptions or limiting your creativity.
  2. Gingko: Users love Gingko for its simplicity and ingenuity. It is a simple web-based outlining software where you can organize information both vertically and horizontally. Use it for note-taking, story building, planning, and more. The structure of each project is basically made of notecards, in which you can type anything or insert images and links. You can then add a connecting notecard below or to the side to create a full project that branches out like a tree.

Again, there is no magic method for making you smarter or doubling your working speed. The key is just giving your brain the tools, environment, and nourishment that it needs to reach its full potential.