Always execute the trade with your defined rules


Sometimes people do get mislead by their own instinct. When there is no responsibility in you, you will not take anything seriously.

But, when there are no disciplines in your work, it would be hard to do well in any working place. Worst of all, when money tension and greed comes to play in peoples mind. Because those things make our mind to not work properly.

Desperation dominates in our head. So, we have to make some strict environment in the brains to get over those problems. As a trading business is a place for dedication, discipline, and punctuality, we have to make rules to be good traders in this business.

The rules will be unique to all of the different traders and themselves have to make these rules for their own businesses. In the following article, we are going to discuss it in more details.

Never look too much at those price charts

In trading work you have to plan out your working process in some specific ways. They are going to be based on simplicity and efficiency as well. Because both of those two things will let you execute good trades as well as make good trading plans. You will be able to make a decent amount of income and keep on improving your trading business. You have to look to the first work for executing a trade. It is, looking at the price charts of different market’s you have chosen for trading. For finding a good spot, you don’t have to look too often in those charts. Because the market is full of changes. And when there are changes all the time, the chances of opening a trade with good position size is easier.

Fixing your problems

Don’t expect to develop a solid trading strategy from the scratch. It takes tons of trails to find a trading strategy for the real market. This is where you need to use the Forex demo account. Brokers like Rakuten offers excellent demo trading environment and you can easily find your mistake in their trading platform.

Once you know the weakness in your system, try to eliminate the weakness by tweaking the system. Though it might seem very easy, it requires patience and strong devotion. Never jump in the real world of trading without back testing a system.

Use simple trading approach

When you are willing to open a trade, plans have to be followed every time. Because you can’t be abstract from rules and keep on trading in this profession. It will not be effective for your business and good profits would not be possible for your account.

A trading plan has to be made and it has to be diverse for adapting to any possible condition. Let us give you a hint. First, you can use some strategies like support levels usage, pickup and resistant point usage for finding out a good position for your trades.

Then you will be opening a trade with good to moderate money management plans. Then you will be looking for good position sizes by analyzing the markets and following your interest. It will help you to close your trades at about the right time.

Set and forget tendency of the traders

There are many things which would bother traders in their work. Live trades are one of them. Because they create emotional activities in our head which are harmful to efficiency.

Trader’s brains cannot think efficiency and make counterproductive measures in their trading businesses. Even after closing a trade, you will still feel the effect of the live trade’s attraction to your brain.

Because that is when the results come out. And no matter which type of results you get, your brain will be affected by it for sure. You will surely be struck by excitement and then make mistakes. Negative results, will cause you to struggling with frustration and anger issues.