All business owners – Get your car & tyres ready now


Irrespective of the size of your business – if you are a business owner you have to be mentally prepared for when the situation normalises after the government lock down.

There will be stress and alot of things to catch up on. All your business activities will now have to be resumed and there will be business meetings to run after. This time is the perfect opportunity for you to pay attention to your vehicle and not only kill any traces of virus in it but also make it fully functional so there are no issues when you are really out on the road.
Many areas across the world, for example London have a high population rate and you just cannot take the risk of being left behind on a busy day where traffic is going crazy. Follow these simple tips and be proactive in taking care of your vehicle.

Disinfect your car

You should use a good cleaning agent or spray bottle in order to kill any germs in the car. But avoid using ammonia based chemicals as they are going to tarnish the surface. Pay special attention to the steering wheel and clean it thoroughly.

Check the health of tyres

Monitor your tyres current state and get new ones fitted as soon as businesses open. If you are noticing cuts and uneven marks then that is signalling depreciation and this should never be taken lightly. Thankfully you can get your tyre replacement done from reliable brands. One such place to name is Iverson Tyres and they will help you buy the right tyres in London for your business vehicle.

Evaluate if your car needs a service

If your needs a professional service you should plan it ahead. Things you can do at home include, checking your lights, wipers and the condition of your engine.

Don’t let the battery die

Keep your battery alive by switching on your vehicle every day for sometime. This will keep the battery running. But if you have an old battery, there are chances it will be highly worn out. It is never advisable to drive with a faulty battery.