AidaForm review – Create online forms for your businesses & startups

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Online forms are one of the most popular ways to collect information through the internet.

You have seen many order forms or job application forms while surfing through the internet, especially in online social media sites.  Where they highlighted this kind of form to attract customers or applicants.

The interested customers or applicants have to enter the required details and apply for the scheme or event in very simple and basic steps. If you want to boost up your business’s success rate, then this service would be very helpful for you.


AidaForm is a platform from where you can create this type of online form for your business. This can be very beneficial for organizations to present their product or invite the correct audience. Here you can get a wide range of attractive templates that can help you to quickly create the required forms with attractive designs and patterns.

The form section is mainly divided into two categories:

Order Forms

Order form can be considered as an online form from which you can collect the ordering data from the customers or take their orders. You can also be done the payment modules in that form. The AidaForm provides you one of the best services for this purpose.

You can create many forms like this to increase your business sales. It has experience in these fields and got good reviews from its customers for providing responsible service to them.

In these platforms, the process of creating the order forms is very easy; you can create it in just some minutes. You just need to select your product and form outlines and follow the below steps to create the order form in AidaForm:

Step1: Create a general Customer Order Form

The customer order form is a collection of input terms related to your product. In AidaForm, you first need to create a basic order form on a blank screen by using their term related elements by dragging them on the screen and add the payment option if you want to.


You can create a credit card payment via Stripe or use a ‘PayPal’ field for the online payment.

You need to ask them for the email id and delivery address for the product with some contact details. The AidaForm platform has provided you some templated related to that which you can edit according to your need. 

Step 2: Design the form

AidaForm has provided various designing features that you can use to create an attractive order form to give a good impression on the customers. Here you can change the color themes or font style according to your need.

You can add your organization’s logo into the forms and create a responsive order form with perfect contrast levels. You should make sure the font and color themes should match the design of your website.

Step 3: Publish your order form

You can publish the order form in two ways, which you have created using the AidaForm. First, by copying the form link to any ‘Order Now’ button on your site, which will redirect the user to your form or second by using the AidaForm feature of creating the HTML code of your created order form and add it to your website.

AidaForm also helps you in saving the data and workflow of the order form into the excel sheets for further requirements.

Application Form

The job application form is the simple and modernized version of shortlisting required candidates for the job. You can create an attractive application form where you describe the job in short and give them the required text fields to enter their data, which can help you to select your required number of candidates according to your need. It is a great facility provided by

AidaForm, which can reduce your HR work for finding the right candidates for the requirement by visiting different agencies and colleges. Here you can directly get in contact with your interest candidates and collect their data from the right platform easily. The following are the basic steps to create an Application form using AidaForm:

Step 1: Create a basic Application form

You need to create a basic job application form by adding all the required input fields like name, education, interest, etc. You can add the required fields in no time by just dragging and dropping the field element. Here you can add the option to upload their resume or portfolio and also take their digital signatures using AidaForm.

Step 2: Design the form

Just like the Order form, you can also design the application form with the advanced fields, icons, and font style. You can change their color and configuration according to your need and make them according to your website design patterns. 

Step 3: Publish the form

You can publish the application form in the same way you did with the order form, first by the link or second by copying the HTML code. Here in AidaForm, you can also get a facility to embed your application form with WordPress and Wix websites.

The application form will help you to select the right candidate for the next round after study their skills and education.

Summing Up

All in All, AidaForm is one of the few platforms which can give you all these facilities in one place. It also provides you some FAQ on their sites to resolve any of your doubts related to the service. They also give a detailed description of their services with a free demo. We recommended you to visit their site to know more about them.